Well now.  How grand is this?  As the penultimate week in my Snow Monkeys’ regular season schedule draws to a close, they seem poised to wrack up a decisive win…

Screen-shot-2020-11-30-at-24713-pm…thereby securing not only a playoff spot, but a first round bye.  Meaning that, instead of agonizing over waiver picks and starts and sits (There will be time for that later), I can relax and shift focus to weeks 15 and 16 and the semi-finals and championship match-ups.  The hope, of course, is that I’ll be facing off against either Ivon Bartok’s Running Dead or Alex Levine’s Superspreaders, but at this point it’s all about positioning.

Could this be the year my Snow Monkeys take it all?


I remain cautiously optimistic.

Okay, Dark Matter fans.  Who’s ready to talk Episode 9 with me, the gang at Orville Nation, and actor Russell Yuen (aka Ryo’s mentor, Akita-san)?  Join us later today!

4 thoughts on “November 30, 2020: Snow Monkeys poised!

  1. I really need to join in the re-watch but as it is not on Netflix (here at least) I am too lazy to look up where I could get it.

  2. I had a disastrous year in Fantasy in both leagues, after winning 2 championships last season. 😟 I won’t make the playoffs. Will probably finish near last. In my family league my Dad, who has no idea, has almost gone undefeated after drafting a superb team. In the other league, I’ve had QB issues as they changed the rules to allow 3 QBs to be played. Crazy, as it meant teams hogged QBs and left nothing for others.

    Good luck to you and ivon (miss him).

    Cheers, Chev

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