What do you say?  Yes/No?

Personally, I’m a big YES and believe they should do an entire cereal milk line including such favorites as Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, and, of course, Capn Crunch.

So, how are things shaping up for you all heading into the weekend?  I’m still working my way through that pilot rewrite, but had a terrific call today with an executive who not only produces genre but is a fan of genre.  I have to mention it because finding a genre executive who is actually a fan of sci-fi and actually understands and respects the genre is about as rare as spotting a white stag.  Very exciting.

Speaking of exciting…


Hey, Stargate fans, less than 6 hours to back the SG-1 roleplaying game by Wyvern Gaming! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wyvrengaming/stargate-roleplaying-game/description

Six Stargate stars weigh in on the game…


8 thoughts on “October 29, 2020: Cereal Milk, Rare White Stags, and Wyvern Gaming’s SG-1 Role-Playing Game!

  1. I made a tres leches cake for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was yum! At the time I thought, “This would be even more amazing if I made it with cereal milk!” So I’m a big yes on cereal milks too!

    The reason the Lord Of The Rings movies got picked up by New Line after being put into turnaround by Miramax was because Bob Shaye, the head of New Line, was a big fan of the books. Having an executive that’s also a fan is a massive help!

    I’m a boardgamer but not really an RPG fan. I’m tempted, though!

  2. I saw Mr Hyrdahl (Sorry for spelling) on Star Trek Discovery. It was so nice to see him. I wish his character was named “Todd” or he was looking for “Jinto” but alas no such luck. Just happy to see a Stargate alum in action.

  3. For the cereal milk, couldn’t you just add a bunch of sugar and the appropriate food colouring to regular milk to get the same effect? Not that I think that’s a bad idea, mind you.

    Who knows about the weekend – I’m way too spontaneous for that. (LOL) But today I was back out on that NCC trail again, this time helping to give a tour to NCC staff who had not seen it yet. Anyway, when we were almost done, a #$$%# hornet flies up out of the brush and stings me right above the eye! But at least this evening, what felt like a red hot needle sticking into my eyebrow now has reduced to a dull, throbbing pain. So, not my best day on the trail.

    Tomorrow will be great though, I’m sure.

    1. Gforce: I hope you’re eye is feeling better today. I went hiking a couple of weeks ago. It was such fun! I haven’t been in ages. I’m in fairly good shape from swimming but man, were my calves sore the next day. Hiking uses a different set of muscles I suppose.

      Today, I’ve got to get a bunch of crappy medical tests. I’m so dreading this but tonight starts the weekend! Tomorrow is Halloween here and I’ve planned a safe candy give away.

      I hope everyone is a good day!

  4. So I saw Chris Heyerdahl On Star Trek discovery last night, and it made me think about this blog and how many other actors/actresses I could think of that played roles on both Stargate and Star Trek. Without googling, off the top of my head, I came up with

    Chris Heyerdahl,
    Robert Picardo
    Connor Trinneer
    Saul Rubinek
    Marina Sirtis

    But I feel like I must be missing a whole bunch of actors that have appeared in both franchises. So without cheating, who else am I missing? I’m sure there are more.

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