Getting sloppy.  I, apparently, missed yesterday’s blog post – although, I could have sworn I did post.  But Akemi confirms I did not and has informed me that, as a result, I’m going to have to post TWO entries today to catch up.  So, I’ll just post-date this entry October 30th, 2020 and swing around with a second, October 31st entry later tonight.

What do you say?  Yes/No

I say yes, simply for old time’s sake!

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

How about some explosive pics from the Stargate: Atlantis archive?

Nup_132350_0407 Nup_132350_0410 Nup_132350_0417 Nup_132350_0418 Nup_132350_0419 Nup_132350_0420 Nup_132350_0421 Nup_132350_0423 Nup_132350_0428 Nup_132350_0433 Nup_132350_0453 Nup_132350_0456-1 Nup_132350_0464 Nup_132350_0469 Nup_132350_0471 Nup_132350_0472

One thought on “October 30, 2020: I have been remiss!

  1. Oh, whew! You know how we worry!

    A big no on the McRib – that thing is Hell with BBQ sauce!

    I wonder if Kate Heslup is any distant relation to me. That’s an alternate spelling of the name from way back.

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