Check out my new sock haul courtesy of sis.


I married Chun-Li!


I, of course, say yes.  Thanks to Jim Lawson for the heads up!

News of note…

Did the world end in 2012 and have we shifted to a parallel universe?

OR are we living in a simulation?  The odds are 50/50

Scientists catch time crystals interacting

How much do you know about the science of fear?

When a black hole consumes a star…you get spaghettification!

Going through some of my old (OLD!) posts.  Most of the picture links are broken, but I rescued a few this afternoon…

Dsc05486 Dsc05496 Dsc05523 Dsc05525 Dsc05578 Dsc06039 Dsc04194 Dsc06041 Dsc06043

Now these take me back!  To summer of 2007.  Ark of Truth and Continuum.


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