The TimEscape conference call that was originally scheduled for this afternoon has been moved to Monday afternoon.  Such is the reality of attempting to find a good time for eight busy people to get on a call.  But, I’ve got a good feeling about Monday’s strategy meeting.  Once we nail down a game plan, it’ll be smooooooooth sailing!

I’ve teamed up with a production company that is seeking to acquire the film & television rights to seminal science fiction book series.  Tuesday, I delivered my concise take for a t.v. series adaptation and, this morning, I received word that the offer had gone out.  Fingers crossed.

I had a conference call today on the other time travel project.  We’re looking to finalize the pitch deck and supporting materials today, then start rehearsing the pitch top of next week.

Had a lot of fun putting together the finishing touches on my series overview for Project F, sourcing some images online to include in the package.  It’s a robust 30 pages but reads quickly.  I’ll be sending it off top of next week.

More amazing people with whom I have worked…

3 thoughts on “October 15, 2020: Developments on development! More amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. Really? I would love to see a TV series of the Riverworld books by Philip Jose Farmer, the greatest sci fi series ever conceived.
    Previous, attempts didn’t follow the books at all and were cheap and trashy.
    A faithful attempt to follow the books works make for an amazing TV Series.

  2. I really hope that at least one of the hopeful possibles definitely rolls along, and, of course, were more than one to come about, that would be even better. It might mean you had suddenly lots and lots to have to juggle – but I know y0u are capable of that and it would certainly be nice to again have your excellent quality of concept back on the screen.

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