In case you missed it, here’s our Dark Matter Episode 2 rewatch discussion with the gang at Orville Nation  AND super special guest star Roger Cross!

A couple of interesting industry articles I came across today.  The first touches on Netflix’s penchant for cancelling shows before their time…

Netflix has a TV-show problem

In my opinion, this TV-show problem is not limited to Netflix.

Another interesting article discusses the challenges of resuming production during a pandemic…

Fewer first-fights, less sex – TV production gets a Covid makeover

Can it be done?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I’ve heard Vancouver has been very busy – but I’m out of the loop.  I am in the loop in how things are going in Ontario and, from what I’ve heard, not that great.  A number of productions have already been forced to quietly shut down.

Are movie theaters going the way of the dinosaurs?  One would hope not, but…

AMC Theatres could run out of money by the end of the year

It’s sad to imagine a world where all movie-viewing is done online.

From the Stargate vault…

Brainstorm5 Nup_131785_0418 Nup_131785_0445 Nup_131785_0524 Nup_131785_0591 Nup_131785_0690 Carl-binder-memorial-theatre


2 thoughts on “October 13, 2020: In case you missed it!

  1. Shoot, I missed that DM rewatch -again. My memory is clearly slipping. more.

    Netflix does seem to be the worst for those cancellations, but then again, they’re one I’ve been subscribed to for a while so I really notice it. They are churning out tons of new series, many/most of which are pretty crappy, while cancelling shows that have a current fan base. It seems very short-sighted and I’m sure based on some stupid algorithm that shows new subscriber sign-ups are higher when there’s new shows vs. hold overs, they’ll wind up with a bunch of incomplete shows and frustrated viewers.

    “Brain Storm” was one of my favourite SGA episodes! I loved seeing NDT and Bill Nye on there!

  2. Sci Fi channel had a period where they made the same mistake Netflix is making now. (Except their cursed number was season 2 or 4) They never recovered. (Eureka, warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Alphas, SGU. And then they began transmitting that wrestling rubbish)

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