5 thoughts on “September 8, 2020: From the Atlantis vault!

  1. I love SGAtlantis! You can leave this vault door open all the time if you want.

  2. Loved all of our heroes on SGA. But I must say, the Wraith were pretty darn cool too.

  3. Todd!! I’d know my Wraith distant Norwegian cousin anywhere! I hope Sheppard is playing some acoustic Johnny Cash- god only knows what the three of them are discussing.

    And what does a Wraith washroom look like? Do Wraith bathe? Why was the Ancient restroom never shown-except in little bits on SGU (mist shower & sink for 🪒)?

  4. Hubby and I have been watching “Murdock Mysteries” and saw David Hewlett on an episode. He was sight for sore eyes (as my dad used to say).

    I’ve been watching the “Hannibal” series on Netflix and Mads Mikkelsen is wonderful! No matter if you like the show or not, some of the actors are very good. I can’t take my eyes off of Laurence Fishburne and the way Mads and Gillian Anderson modulate their voices. it’s very captivating. Anyway, the show might not be for everyone but every time Hannibal makes a meal, I’m laughing.

  5. Seeing a wraith in a hoodie like that is more unsettling than it should be. And does Joe Flannigan actually play guitar? That’s cool.

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