Covid-19 case rates are rising in some places, falling in others, but the death rates have either remained flat or fallen off.  This seems very promising and, as a result, many are already looking past this pandemic.  I would advise caution.

There are many theories for the drop in the fatality rate, everything from a weakening virus to better treatments, but I believe that one of the major factors being overlooked is the summer weather.  Studies have shown that the severity of the disease is linked to viral load.  In other words, the heavier the dose, the sicker you can get.  If you’re outside, the virus is dispersed and, if you catch it, you’re more likely to suffer a milder case or be asymptomatic.  Still, even if you do get sick, the fact that you’re soaking up the sun boosts your vitamin D levels – which, apparently, are one of the biggest contributing factors to severity and survival.  With me so far?

As we head into winter, younger people will no doubt continue their irresponsible behavior, but socializing will more likely take place indoors in closed environments leading to larger viral loads.  Less time out in the sun will also make people more susceptible as their vitamin D levels drop.

People are acting like the worst is over, but there’s a potential for things to get very bad around November-December and, potentially, well into 2021.

Don’t forget to take your vitamin D!

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15 thoughts on “September 9, 2020: I would advise caution and remind you to take your vitamin D!

  1. Agreed on the virus – I was just saying to someone today that people might get tired of the virus, but the virus is certainly not getting tired at all.

    1. If they get tired of the virus, at least in the US, they should wear their frigging masks. The virus doesn’t care what presidential candidate you support. It’s an equal opportunity invader.

  2. Here in Melbourne we’re in week 6 of Stage 4 Lockdown with at least two more weeks to go.

    Mandatory mask wearing.
    Retail closed.
    Restaurants and cafes takeaway only.
    9pm-5am curfew.
    5km travel restriction from home unless you have a permit.
    1 hour of outdoor exercise per day.
    1 trip to the supermarket for essential supplies per day.
    No visitors allowed at home.
    All state borders between Victoria and the rest of Australia are closed.
    No outgoing international travel without a government permit.
    All incoming international travellers are put into mandatory 14 day quarantine at a secure hotel at their expense.

    All this because our infection rate quickly jumped in a second wave. We peaked at over 700 infections per day which is nothing by global standards but considering Australia had this thing under control it was devastating. We’re down to under 100 infections per day and on track to get below 10 per day in a couple of weeks. It’s Winter here and that may have been part of the problem but I also thing we eased the first round of restrictions too soon. The government’s goal is to save lives at any cost. Noble but only time will tell if it was worth it.

    1. We have mandatory mask wearing in this state; only 50% comply; no one faces any consequences so it will continue to find people to host its viral ways.

      I’m glad Australia is doing its part. I’m sorry the US is in last place here.

  3. I’m afraid that there will be a real increase from Thanksgiving to New Years. People won’t want to give up holiday gatherings and they will be indoors with the virus in an enclosed space where it will spread more easily.

  4. Maybe some facts could help put things in perspective.
    Number of Australians who have died WITH covid19 =788. The government figures don’t differentiate between those who died WITH covid and those who died OF covid.
    Most of these where in their 80’s and 90’s , sick people in nursing homes.
    The number of Australians who die each year from all causes is 6.3 per 1000, so about 157,500 per year.
    So, in reaction to the covid panic, and without using advice from overseas experts, the Australian government has destroyed the economy and financial livelihood for our young generation, who are now jobless, cannot pay rent or mortgages.
    Was it worth it?
    What do you think?
    ( And no it’s not hindsight: many people said this 6 months ago)

    1. Agree, but it is the Victorian government, not the Australian government imposing the harsh restrictions. I wonder what the comparative stats of COVID and Non COVID lockdown periods are for mental health and it’s related casualties?

  5. I’ve been reading several theories about covid. Several articles credit less deaths to ages that are testing positive (younger people have less problems) or better treatment plans.
    I’m hopeful the vaccine helps. Once you realize covid vaccine is built on SARS research, and that has been going on for years. If SARS had this much mula thrown at it (as covid has), we would have been even further along.

    Good luck @Line Noise! I have a friend with in-laws in Australia. They are limited to a certain mileage from their house and the nearest grocery exceeds that limit. 😐

  6. Meanwhile here in Spain we have plenty of sun and a second wave coming our way. The average age has dropped but the numbers are climbing and worrisome. I’m supposed to send my kids back to school next week and I’m not sure how well the new measures will keep them safe. I’m also worried they’ll bring it back home and we share our lot with the landlady who is in her 60s. My bosses are in their 70s and I have a friend with asthma who is 65.

  7. There’s more concern about the winter months because this thing might do well in the winter air. It’s believed the meat packing plants spread the virus like wildfire because of cold, humid air that preserves the virus as it travels.

    We may have been better off encouraging young adults to go get the virus and get it over with so they can be a wall of immunity between age groups. Young adults aren’t doing well mentally with these restrictions so we might as well let them do what they do well. Elders aren’t doing well with all this isolation either.

  8. We usually are sunny through the winter, but I do have a vitamin D deficiency so I do take supplements (at one time prescription level supplementation). The sun doesn’t seem to be helping our numbers at all. Mask wearing does. Our numbers are going down a bit, but I expect when the college stuff starts spreading, they’ll go back up. And our schools, despite our numbers, are open for business (some parents are choosing to stay with the online choice, but yeah, our teachers are now at risk, as are the bus drivers, and the non-teaching staff. I was talking to my nephrologist and he told me they were seeing about 150 cases spread out over 3 hospitals which for our area is a large number (not like Houston large but still worrisome. I told him that must be scary having to go home to 3 kids (and his wife is also a doctor). I’ve known him long enough that we can talk like that.

    These are our totals as of now: 671,564 confirmed coronavirus cases, 14,069 deaths in Texas. HOWEVER, tests are now scarce again so they have gone back to telling people if one person in the house got tested and is positive and the rest of the family is showing symptoms they can presume they have it, but won’t get counted in the totals. And since the same thing happened at the beginning of all this, and the fact that usually multiplying any number in the US x 4 will get you closer to what the real number is, we’ve had over a million cases in this state since March. Now, again, a lot of the deaths weren’t counted as COVID because the people who died were in nursing homes that had an outbreak but because they died they didn’t really have time to do a real autopsy for cause of death so they aren’t in these numbers either.

  9. I read that if you stand out in the full sun for 10 minutes each day, that is as good as a daily dose of Vitamin D.

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