Out in her unnatural habitat, stalking her prey.  Usually fallen treats.


Deep diving for coconut ice cream.


Her “Whaddya mean no more strawberries?” look.


Her favorite snooze spot – in the sun.

After her morning walk, she is so tired that crawling fully onto a bed is too much of an effort.  So…close enough!


6 thoughts on “August 30, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Ahhh Suji baby!!, s oooo cute. I was looking back at some of older Suji posts, like the one year of you all having her, compared to now,, wow, she has improved so so much,, A tribute to how great you and Akemi are as pup parents!! thanks for saving her!

  2. She’s so precious I don’t even know how you can let her out of your arms 💕🐾🥰

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