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Congratulations!  You have been selected to be a passenger on the space ark that will be leaving a doomed Earth in search of a new, habitable world.  As part of your personal luggage, you are permitted to bring along THREE episodes of the Stargate franchise.  Sadly, the ship’s database cannot accommodate more than three episodes meaning the rest of the franchise will be lost to history along with wrap-around sunglasses, spearmint gum, and Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You”.  Also, the ship’s Captain is a huge Stargate fan, so if you attempt to smuggle in episodes of any other show, he WILL fire them out the airlock.  And you with them.

So, choose wisely.  Which three episodes of the Stargate franchise are you saving?

16 thoughts on “June 10, 2020: Which 3 Episodes of Stargate Are You Saving?

  1. I only need the Window of Opportunity episode.
    I’ll risk being blasted out of the airlock for bringing Dark Matter episodes as well. LOL

  2. The database can only hold three episodes? I suppose it’s running Windows 95, too!

    Episodes: SG1: Window of Opportunity. Or 200. I’ll have to decide, I suppose.
    SGA: Rising
    SGU: Time

  3. I’m not sure if I want to spend the rest of my life with only three episodes of Stargate. I think I’d rather die.

    Plus, an ark ship that can’t spare 150 gigabytes of disk space for the entire Stargate franchise? Just delete the Wikipedia archive for crying out loud! Priorities!

    OK, if I must choose:

    Window of Opportunity (of course)
    Rising (does that count as one episode?)

    1. Agree with Line Noise here! Can you trust the engineering on a spacecraft that can only hold three SG episodes?

  4. So not fair! But if I must:

    SG-1: Solitudes, Lost City (as one episode or just Part 2 if the powers that be are going to be ridiculous)
    SGA: Sunday

    I’m assuming I get to see the episodes brought by others which would most likely include the previous challenge winners, i.e., Window of Opportunity, Heroes, Atlantis Rising, etc. And if I’m lucky, someone will bring Abyss, The Other Guys, Ripple Effect, Beachhead, Duet, and the Tau of Rodney.

    Ugh! What an awful decision to have to make!

  5. Just three? SGA “Home”, “Michael”, “Critical Mass” and “Vegas” because I’m that greedy, I will be smuggling my SGUs and SG1s as well in a can of shaving cream.

  6. Why only three? I can get a thumb drive that will hold a few seasons. 😉 (Isn’t technology great!?) I agree with Line Noise, they can make room on the ship! We don’t need all the star charts, right? 😉

    With all these cop shows being taken off, there’s room for a new Stargate series. Do you think The Rookie is next to get axed? 🙁

    The Antifa Coup in Seattle is a fun watch, right? My favorite tweet about, so far: “I am physically unable to eat this much popcorn.” That tweet had me laughing.

    Crazy times….

  7. Urgo – I watched it just 3 nights ago because I needed to laugh. It never fails to amaze me what an incredible actor Dom DeLouise was. He is terribly underappreciated.

    Window of Opportunity – This one never fails to give me hope

    Abyss – IMHO, this is the best of all the episodes of all the franchises.

    Bonus: SGA – Vegas – This was Sheppard at his bad-assiest. Loved it.

  8. Death Knell – My favorite Sam Carter episode and my favorite episode written and directed by Peter DeLuise.
    200 or Stargate: Continuum
    SGA: The Ark or Phantoms

  9. Omg! What a decision. Ok. These episodes make me laugh over and over again. Never get tired of them. Window of opportunity, the other guys and harmony.

  10. I really liked The Nox (a totally underappreciated ‘antagonist’…I wish they had made more appearances), Vegas and Harmony…I thought Jodelle Ferland was superb in that!

  11. Cassandra was a nice Episode.
    Would it be possible, to bring back Cassandra as part of the main cast in a new series?

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