Yesterday, I came across this photo of that old gang of mine.  All four were huge snugglers and were always happiest in each other’s company.  At night, they all slept on the bed of course, in their preferred spots: Lulu by my right side, Bubba at my left, Maximus hunkered down at my ankles, and Jelly propped up regally on my pillow.  Granted, it made sleeping tricky, but I never really complained.


Bacon-fed knaves!  Swaggering rascals!  Check out this Insult Infographic for all of your Shakespeareans cursing needs!  How now, woolsack?

This video was forwarded to me by former Dark Matter and Utopia Falls Props Master Victoria Klein.  It begs the question: Why am I wasting all this time trying to learn Japanese?

10 thoughts on “June 9, 2020: Go shake your ears, you bacon-fed knaves!

  1. I sometimes furbabies sitting for a friend of mine. She has 2 cats and 2 dogs. Sleeping with the 4 of them is tricky. One of the cats especially likes to sleep on my chest.

    Ooh, that hologram so cool I want one too!

  2. Awww, what a beautiful picture of the four pups together. What a great memory.

    That translation AI is pretty amazing!

  3. Love seeing the gang again. Wow! Are we really at that level of holographic technology? Has someone invented transporters and puddlejumpers yet?

  4. Lulu and her “I am Batman” ears! I’m always surprised at how tiny they look considering their giant personalities. Oh my god Upload is real, and now I’m considering uploading San Junipero style and live my digital life in that rooftop greenhouse apartment from Greencard.

  5. Joe, I think you need to consider adopting another dog; company for Suji, and I can’t imagine you ever without any dogs! Just my opinion. Cheers to you and Akemi!

  6. I remember when you took out of town trips, you had trouble sleeping. Too much room in the bed! 🙂

  7. yes, I agree you need another snuggler!, such a good memory of the pups, thanks.
    ~ AI, scary, a little, but fascinating, I think I could get used to it. Hoping for beaming technology too.

  8. Such sweet loving memories of the original fab 4. xx

    I remember when Azure unveiled that holographic keynote speaker.
    Very cool.

    Actually, this sort of full size human holographic technology
    has been around for a little while.
    All Azure really created was a ML voice detection synth
    and utilized it in combo with a languge translator
    so it would sound like your voice when the language translated.

    Anyone remember this from 2008?


    Nowadays, product focus is on spatial computing haptics.
    New product innovations are shown off every year at CES.
    Ultra Haptics/UltraLeap company use ultrasound speakers
    so you nolonger need a headset, gloves, or other wearble,
    to physically interact with a free standing hologram, VR or AR object.
    You can see it, touch it, feel it, as you would any solid object.

  9. Here’s something else
    along the lines of mind blowing
    engineering and computing magic.

    A couple years ago, Students at MIT figured out how to program
    water droplets on a computer and get the droplets to animate on their own
    and manipulate other objects in their environment, as if they were solid, not liquid.

    Watch the video to the end and you will see
    one of the studnts was able to write a message on her phone
    and programmed the droplets to show up
    on her roomates bathroom mirror and form themselves into that message!
    The technique they used is called “electrowetting on dielectric.”
    Try saying that one 10x fast! 😀


    Here’s another MIT student made creation:

    This student created a headphone hacking device that allows the user to hack into
    other peoples devices JUST BY LOOKING AT THAT PERSON!


  10. Here’s something in development at a Northwestern University lab
    you might find interesting.

    It’s called Haptic Skin.
    It allows the user to physically touch, feel, interact,
    with any virtual object no matter if its VR, AR or hologram.

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