On the other hand, you had this from back in 2003 wherein a “All You Can Eat Crab Legs” promotion proved such a bad idea for Red Lobster that it cost their CEO his job:


Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note a lot of new investors are experiencing some growing pains in their day-trading careers:

Akemi’s balcony garden is coming along nicely.  Yesterday, we enjoyed some ridiculously bitter kale.  Today, we shared a single patty pot squash.  Next week, we may eat a tomato!

Hopefully.  The way 2020 is going…

Today’s movie-themed question:


6 thoughts on “June 11, 2020: The way 2020 is going…

  1. Great to hear Akemi’s garden is coming along! My plants are coming, but they’re not that far along. Yesterday, I did try a little leaf of my lettuce though. It tastes like lettuce! 🙂

    Yeah, I read about that EEE thing. Why doesn’t that asteroid just hit and get it over with?

  2. Your balcony farming coming along fine it seems. LOL
    I’ll stick with my vege from the farmer’s market and grocery stores.

  3. I guess that “all you can eat” Red Lobster president had never heard of “while supplies last”.

  4. Hearing of Akemi’s garden makes me feel better – mine has a long way to go!
    However if you want something that is easy to grow, indestructible, useful and looks pretty, I recommend chives(pink flowers) and mint(mojitos). Also if you like cilantro it seeds itself from year to year when grown in a pot. Happy Friday to you both! and Suji!

  5. The crab leg story reminds me of my SIL. She was on one of those diets that don’t eat bread and would go to a pizza buffet with us. She would scrap off the toppings and leave the bread. It used to make the restaurant so mad because you can go through a lot of pizza slices if you don’t eat the bread. I thought it was wasteful but technically, they didn’t prohibit that kind of thing. So, that’s the story of why I won’t go to a buffet with my SIL ever again. Although, I’ve heard she’s on vegan diet now. She pissed of my hubby, so we don’t have much to do with her. Be grateful that your sister is sane.

    Are you keeping up with CHAZ? It’s the best reality show out there. Did you see their garden?

  6. Equine wha??? But I love ponies! I’m past being terrified and am now still vigilant but more concerned with getting my honey nougat order and wondering when the next Snowpiercer ep is.

    I just spent an hour gussying up for a zoom meeting only to end up waiting so long for the meeting to start that I was overcome by horrific Zoom Shyness and decided to call into the mtg instead. The harsh zoom video glared turned my tidy little apartment into a public dump in Anchorage, and my cute work look rendered on screen like a rabid bear in a Gap top smashing a rusty refrigerator to bits.

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