We have our two finalists in the Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament!

Your semifinal round results…

Screen-shot-2020-03-26-at-12.52.32-pm Screen-shot-2020-03-26-at-12.52.20-pm So the championship match-up will look like this –


Isn’t That A Paradox? vs All the Time in the World!

Interesting to note that both were third season episodes.  And both were “funny episodes”.  This bodes very well for TimEscape, the sci-fi series I am currently developing.  It’s very much in the spirit of the aforementioned episodes and – better still – offers the opportunity for a little Dark Matter crossover should the stars align.

So, our championship round kicks off tomorrow!  Prepare to vote for Dark Matter’s Greatest Episode!

Of course, taste is subjective.  Different viewers may prefer different episodes. Heck, different cast members prefer different episodes.  Which is perfect because I’ve asked each of them to select their favorite Dark Matter episode.  Starting next week, we will do a fan rewatch of their chosen episode, then follow up with a Q&A session during which the spotlight cast member and I will field your questions regarding said episode.

The Dark Matter Rewatch and Cast Q&A will take place over two weeks, starting…


Next Wednesday, April 1st at 3pm ET/noon PT/7 pm GMT (check your local times!) we’ll be joined by actor Anthony Lemke (THREE) for a rewatch of Season 3, Episode 4: All the Time in the World.


Next Friday, April 3rd at 3pm ET/noon PT/7 pm GMT (check your local times!) we’ll be joined actor Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR/Ryo Ishida) for a rewatch of Season 3, Episode 8: Hot Chocolate.

More announcements to come!

Your daily update:

How the pandemic will end.

How deadly is the coronavirus?  It’s still far from clear.

Dr. Fauci: “You don’t make the timeline.  The virus makes the timeline.”

Promising news regarding an effective vaccine.

New York begins clinical trials on potential treatments. (Thanks to Tam Dixon for the link).

Want to save the economy?  You do it by saving lives first.

This guy’s got a lot of nerve.

The case for abolishing the WHO.

Perdue farm workers walk out.

Physical distancing should last months, not weeks.

A personal account.

Hospitals in the US considering do-not-resuscitate orders.

Widespread use of masks has greatly curtailed the spread of the virus in the Czech Republic.

Interesting graph comparing countries that make prevalent use of masks, and those that don’t =


I leave you with this handy PSA graphic =


6 thoughts on “Hey, Dark Matter fans! You ready?!

  1. I’m glad that TimEscape will be humorous and might have a DM crossover. Really looking forward to it. Now only if this silly virus would get out of the way maybe production could start (a little too soon for such expectations, perchance?).

  2. Is TimEscape based on Gregory Benford’s books? I haven’t read them but my hubby has. He remembers them as doomsday type fiction. You say humorous, and if anyone could bring out the humor, it’s you. We could all use a laugh.

    Here’s another “disturbing” link: https://freebeacon.com/national-security/chinese-distributed-faulty-coronavirus-test-kits-throughout-europe-reports-indicate/

    I’m lucky to live near a small park and in a neighborhood of couch potatoes. I’ve trying to run/walk for five miles a day. I might see one person, way, way into the distance. There are three small deer that I chance upon some mornings, too.

    After this is over, I really need to look into some of kind of home fitness equipment. My dream is one of those endless pools but they are pricey. 🙁
    https://gardenspasandpool.com/endless-pools/endless-pools-fitness-systems/ First world problems….

    I’ll try for next Friday. My son usually comes over on Friday’s and we watch a movie. I’ll see if he wants to join the DM watch party.

  3. Joseph day 14 self isolation and I’ve just finished rewatching Stargate Universe. Reconfirms just how incredibly great this show was, just maybe someday we can get conclusion. Thank you for all your work and efforts for Stargates and DM.

  4. Do you know what form or what platform we’ll be using for the after-show chat?

    Things still plugging along here. I have to admit the last couple of days my mental health is starting to take a bit of a hit. Two weeks without seeing anyone is getting a bit tiring. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day though, so I hope to get out on one of the trails that I do maintenance on to get a bit of a break. I’d actually be off-trail working on a re-route so I won’t even see folks if they happen to be using the main trail.

    Still only 33 confirmed cases here in NB and 0 deaths, thank goodness. They’re still all travel related.

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