Sadly, comic book shipments are being put on hold after this week’s shipment.

If you can, help support your local comic shop by making a purchase.

These were my favorite comic book covers of the week…


Basketful of Heads #6 (cover art by Lucio Parrillo)


Batgirl #45 (cover art by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson)


Blade Runner #7 (cover art by Sydnis Mead)

Divinica #5 (cover art by Dawn McTeigue)


Far Sector #5 (cover art by Warren Louw)


Hidden Society #2 (cover art by Rafael Albuquerque)


John Constantine: Hellblazer #5 (cover art by John Paul Leon)


Omni #6 (cover art by John Cassaday)


Sex Criminals #28 (cover art by Chip Zdarsky)


Suicide Squad #4 (cover art by Jeremy Roberts)


Wolverine #2 (cover art by Gerald Parel)


X-Men #9 (cover art by Leinil Francis Yu)


X-O Manowar #1 (cover art by Raúl Allén)

So, which were YOUR favorites?

Your newsletter update:

Czech Republic may keep its border closed…for 2 years!

US passes 2 trillion dollars stimulus plan.  Some of that money may even go to regular people who really need it.

Bill Gates confirms US missed their chance at containment.

New York left to fend for itself.

US hospital threatens to fire nurses who use masks to protect themselves.

Disinfecting N95 masks.

Florida doctor successfully treats patients with chloroquine and zinc.

Ramping up production of chloroquine.

L.A. County puts the kibosh on gun sales.

Louisiana pastor defies authorities, welcomes 1000 parishioners.

Meanwhile in Louisiana…

Another celebrity with no symptoms manages to get tested.

PornHub is doing its part in this time of need.

Even cartels are feeling the pinch.

Walmart licker faces terrorism charges.

The latest from Chris Martenson –

3 thoughts on “March 25, 2020: Week’s Best Comic Book Covers! And your daily update!

  1. My favorite cover is Omni. Excellent choices!

    Did you get your internet working?

    Did you see this?

    I went for groceries today. There were a lot of discarded disposable gloves people had thrown in the street. 🙁 The good news, the stores had nearly everything but paper products.

    My son read that mass buying of toilet paper is because China supplied the majority of t.p. to Hong Kong and Australia. Once the virus hit China, it caused a shortage of t.p.. The world saw people having trouble in other countries finding t.p. and the unease spread everywhere. I haven’t found a source to confirm what my son said.

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