It’s Isn’t That A Paradox? vs All the Time in the World in the Dark Matter Greatest Episode Championship.  Click on the link and vote below!

Another announcement for our upcoming Dark Matter rewatch that kicks of next week:


Next Thursday, April 2nd at 3pm ET/noon PT/7 pm GMT (check your local times!) we’ll be joined by actress Jodelle Ferland for a rewatch of Season 3, Episode 2: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This.

So, she will be joining:

Wednesday, April 1st at 3pm ET – All the Time in the World rewatch with Anthony Lemke.

Friday, April 3rd at 3pm ET – Hot Chocolate rewatch with Alex Mallari Jr.

Your daily update:

For you Canadians – updated stats from the government of Canada.

Canada seeks to follow the South Korean model.  A little late for that.

Boris Johnson tests positive.

Coronavirus could be a chimera of two different viruses.

How China’s secrets and lies turned Covid-19 into a pandemic.

Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans trying to cross the border into their country.

Russia has been preparing for this pandemic since January.

China sold Spain flawed tests.

Former Japanese Prime Minister accuses Japan of a cover-up to save the Olympics.

Prepare for outbreaks like the one in New York in other states soon.

Ohio megachurch keeps holding mass gatherings.

21 year old who posted about not social distancing tests positive.

6 thoughts on “It’s the Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament Championship! And another Dark Matter announcement!

  1. I’ll be reading the rewatch comments. No way to rewatch it.

    Week 4 and still no f…ing, freaking, toilet paper. This is getting very annoying.

    1. @Tam – No worries (yet). My parents are moving into a nice memory care faciility in a few days. They have an 18 roll pack I had picked up for them right before all hell broke lose. I’ve got my eye on that. But I may send you my address anyway in case you want to send chocolate.

      1. Moving your parents must involve a few mixed emotions. {{{Hugs}}} and good luck 🍀.

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