Alright, Dark Matter fans, the polls have closed.  And the Top 8 finishers are advancing to the Greatest Episode Tournament.  That’s 6 of the top voters across the show’s three seasons, and two wildcard write-in entries.

The tourney kicks off on Monday with first round head to head action.

Here are your opening round match-ups:

#1. All the Time in the World vs #8. Built, Not Born

A time loop episode took  home the prize in our Stargate Greatest Episode Tournament.  Will we see a repeat in this tournament, or will our eighth seed score the colossal upset?

#2. Kill Them All! vs #7. We Voted Not To Space You

Two back to back season 2 episodes square off, representing both the pre and post Hyperion-8 breakout.

#3. Episode 1 vs #6. Episode 7

It’s the episode that introduced us to our mercenary crew vs. the episode that introduced us to dunking the cosmic donut.  Which shall prevail?

#4. Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance vs. #5. Isn’t That A Paradox?

This battle of closely-matched seeds pits THREE and FIVE on the run vs. our intrepid crew going suburban undercover.

So, there you have it, our opening round match-ups.  YOU will decide the winners and decide who moves on to the Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament Final Four!

Limber up those voting fingers!

5 thoughts on “The Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament Seedings announced!

  1. Of course, All The Time in the World is the greatest ever, but how can you pit Wish I’d Spaced You vs Paradox??? That’s a cruel choice!! (spoiler alert: it’ll always be Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance. That. Scene. Perfection.)

  2. I loved both episodes but I vote for Episode #8 because it made me happy to see 2 have a softer side.

  3. Had to make it impossible to choose- the only episode of the only show I ever cosplayed (goth 5 for the “We are the Raza” campaign)… (except the time I went as Scully for halloween XD )… Versus Android playing the Uke versus her non android hot humanness …. ahhhh you’re killing me. LOL <3 Viva la Raza <3 Syfy still sucks. <3

  4. I don’t care what the bracket is my champion is “Built, Not Born” because there’s just so much good story in that episode for Portia, Android, Two, and the universe with how androids are created and why some are different. It also FINALLY explained why Two and Android were so connected; it’s a shame we never got to see Portia back with Android for a scene or episode and we’ll never know what would have happened with Portia’s and Irena’s daughter. Would the team try to take her and give her a better life with someone because Portia was a villain to them? Would they have let Portia return to Irena with her as a middle ground resolution after having learned what she’d been through or would Portia have found her first and how would that have effected her; would she have dropped her hunt for the group?

    Would anything have ever happened between Two and Android or were they truly different people? Would Portia have tried to sway Android away from them had she gotten back on the ship at a point? Would Marcus try and use her against Portia and how would that have gone over? I suspect not well for him. 🙂 There’s also some really nice stuff with Sarah and Three in this!

    There’s just so much good character stuff again in this episode I don’t know how it could be any episode but “Built, Not Born” as the winner in the end!

    “Built, Not Born” may be my favorite episode of the series honestly; the only competition for the top spot it might have is from season one’s “Episode Ten” because Wexler was SO good in that!

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