What was your favorite episode of Dark Matter’s third season?

The nominees are…

Episode 304 – All The Time In The World: The Raza is stuck in a time loop, but only THREE seems to know it.

Episode 309 – Isn’t That A Paradox?: The blink drive sends the The Raza 300 years to the past.

Episode 312 – My Final Gift To You: Ryo Ishida hosts a long overdue reunion for the Raza crew.

Episode 313 – Nowhere To Go: The corporate wars reach a climax, and a new threat is introduced.

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament Continues with Season 3!

  1. The absolute scared joy I felt at seeing the black ships. Crazy I couldn’t wait for season 4…

  2. Wow. That is a tough one. Can’t decide between All The Time In The World and Isn’t This A Paradox. I guess All The Time In The World by a hair.

  3. I voted for Paradox. The funny ones draw me in.

    How’s everyone doing? Vudu is having a sale on horror films. I mean, if you need something to pass the time.

    Any plans this weekend? We are working at my son’s house (formerly Dr Jo’s). I’m not sure if I’ll ever think of it as, just his house. I wonder if she’d be horrified or happy of the changes we’ve made there. She believed in an after-life, so I’m hoping she’s traveling the world. (no passport/mula needed).

    On a brighter note, it’s Pi day, so I’m hoping to score a slice of cheesecake or something. Cheesecake counts as pie, right?

    Stay safe everyone! Also, remember that Lowe’s has toilet paper, too. There’s plenty out there for everyone. 😉

  4. I would never be able to choose between All the Time in the World and Isn’t That a Paradox.

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