7 thoughts on “March 15, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Hi Joe
    I was just wondering how Mama Mallozzi, sis, and your relatives in Japan are doing with the current pandemic. I hope they are all safe and don’t have to go out too much.

  2. You stay safe too, Suji! And take care of your mom and dad! And, um, how much do want for that bottle of sanitizer? 🙂😄

    I had planned to go to NH this coming weekend to go hiking with a group and staying overnight at one of the AMC huts. I decided to cancel to avoid out-of-country travel and risk bringing the you-know-what back here with me. Turns out that everyone cancelled afterward anyway!

  3. Thanks for this very bright spot in an otherwise dark, depressing week. Evidently it takes a pandemic to spotlight just how awful people can be. That’s why I love dogs!

    Y’all and your extended families stay safe, too! Oh… and send me some toilet paper, please.

  4. “May you live in interesting times.” On the bright side, China has relaxed their quarantine.

    I went to the grocery store this morning (before the busy time) and they have food. Lots of empty shelves though. 🙁

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