3 thoughts on “2 Days to Stargate Tweetstorm!

  1. The “Tweetstorm” catches me late in the night and the next day early (luckily I programmed some tweets, which I hope will arrive, I added them with the hashtag “stargatesuperdrive”) in my country (I’m from Europe).

    I would like to comment here (in case I do not see it or the scheduled tweets do not arrive well or fail) that Stargate has meant a lot to me, especially Atlantis.

    When he finished, an important void was left in my heart and no other series has managed to approach him (maybe a little Dark Matter). I cannot express in words how much I love the series, but I just want to give thanks.

    I would love to see a movie made in epic style for an epic (so epic) closure of Atlantis. Now I know it is impossible, but expressing my desire does not hurt anyone.

    I would love to see a Stargate series again: new worlds, a new galaxy, new enemies, new stellar journeys and new adventures.

    I’m not a fan of Universe, since I didn’t see any hint of Stargate’s adventurous spirit, but still, I watched the entire series. Whatever happens there I will be the first day to see the new series.

    Sorry for my bad English :’)

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