Ready?  Did you clear your Friday night schedule?  Tell your friends?  Limbered up your tweeting fingers?  (Once again, a big thanks to Samuel Cockings for the video.)

Spent much of yesterday sending out the invites.  Looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends tomorrow night.  Don’t miss it!

Some Stargate concept art by Production Designer James Robbins to inspire you.


Screen-shot-2019-12-05-at-4.03.52-pm Screen-shot-2019-12-05-at-4.04.13-pm Screen-shot-2019-12-05-at-4.04.52-pm

Thanks to David Bax for the assist!


And thanks to Nicolas Bannister for the artwork!

4 thoughts on “1 Day to Stargate Tweetstorm!

  1. I’ll be out until about 8:30-9:00 (ADT), but that should be lots of time to get ready for the storm!

    That art work is great!

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