You ready?


Why, yes.  That IS a cast-signed script from Dark Matter Episode 208 (Stuff To Steal, People To Kill).  To refresh your memories…

One lucky randomly selected participant in this Friday night’s Stargate tweetstorm will win the script.  Join us for a chance to win!


Well, following a rough 1-3 start to their fantasy football, my Snow Monkeys bounced back and closed out the regular season, securing second place and a first round playoff bye.  We’ll be taking next week off to rest up and watch four other teams fight for their post-season lives.

Could this be the year?  A Snow Monkeys championship AND a new in-canon Stargate series?


Artwork by the amazing Nicolas Bannister.

8 thoughts on “3 Days to Tweetstorm!

  1. Congrats on the Snow Monkeys! My team, Arundel’s Revenge, is currently at #3 in my league, but I didn’t earn a bye, so it’s do or die this week. The matchup is almost dead even, but I have Lamar Jackson as my QB 😁, so unless the Ravens put in RG3 again, I think I’ll do okay. Here’s hoping Brady and his passing game falls apart again as that’ll seal my opponent’s fate. 😉

  2. Stuff To Steal, People To Kill, remember it well! I should do having binge watched all 3 seasons 14 times so far!
    Stil waiting for seasons 4&5 to happen.
    Nevertheless, I’ll be there for the Stargate fandom for their tweetstorm, they are part of our family.

  3. Hello Joseph Mallozzi,

    sorry for offtopic, but do you know where the Daedalus is Landing in Atlantis?
    I’m talking with someone who want to build a big scalemodel of Atlantis and the cherry on the cake would be a right scaled Daedalus on the East pier. But it was never seen how big the Daedalus is in relation to Atlantis and where she is landing exactly.

    Thank you

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