Save the date! There’s a big Stargate tweet storm a-brewing.

Friday, December 6th at 21:00 EST, 18:00 PST (Check your local time!)

We’ll be hitting twitter HARD at the appointed time for a full hour.  The goal?  To let MGM (and all those prospective new broadcast/cable/streaming homes) know that Stargate fandom is very much alive and eager for a new series.  But not just any new series.  Stargate fandom will settle for nothing less than an in-canon series, one that offers an easy jumping on point for new viewers yet still honors seventeen years of sci-fi t.v. history.

Quite the challenge admittedly.   But former Stargates SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe co-creator, showrunner, and Executive Producer Brad Wright is up for the task.

To quote Brad in a late 2018 interview: “I don’t expect – and certainly don’t anyone expect – another television show to appear around the corner.  But Stargate is an important part of their library.”

Between then and now, I feel we’ve really turned a corner.  Several new streaming platforms have entered the game, driving the market for marquee content.  And, truly, what is more marquee than a crown jewel franchise that spawned over three hundred episodes of television?

I’ve been saying it for years now: Stargate will come back.  It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

And given the developing television and streaming landscape, it’s clear that WHEN is NOW.

So we’re going to tweet.  We’re going to be respectful.  Yet we will be firm in our conviction that a new Stargate series is not only imperative but long overdue.

Now I need you all to get the word out.  If you know any Stargate fans who would be interested in a new series, let them know and get them on twitter.  The same applies for fans of Travelers and Dark Matter.  We could use your support.  Hell, this applies to all sci-fi fans out there.  The more the merrier.

Join us Friday, December 6th at 21:00 EST, 18:00 PST and tweet your hearts out.  In addition to blowing the doors off twitter…

We’ll be joined by some familiar faces.

Random participants will win assorted Stargate and Dark Matter swag from the vault.

And, if things fall right, we will all soon be rewarded with a new show.

You in?

23 thoughts on “That Stargate Tweet Storm Has A Date!

  1. Hell yes! Count me in starting at 9pm est on Twitter.

    I’ve watched the Amazon and Hulu versions of SG-1 and am appalled by all of their misplaced chopping of key scenes/dialogue for the damn ads. But at least this exposure will bring new viewers who are sure to be captivated by Stargate. Thankfully I have all of the DVD’s with original content.

    Can you provide that MGM address from our last storm please? Key phrases to include in messages, etc.
    Also, any needed settings for a Twitter account so that the tweets are done correctly.

    MGM will hear from us ever loyal Stargate fans!!

  2. Oh hell to the YES! I just have no idear how I’m going to do this since I’m in germany and it’s the middle of the night and I have a early shift that day. BTW what time would that be for me again? Something like 2 a.m. or 3? Is been a while since my Dark Matter tweet storms.

  3. Will absolutely be joining in just need to know what time that is in Australia and what should be said any hashtags etc.

  4. It’s fantastic to hear of conversations happening and fans getting involved again. I’m not a Twitter user but will join in on this in support.

    It still breaks my heart that we lost SGU the way we did. I can’t properly express how incredible that production was in my eyes. I’m currently in a rewatch of it…unbelieving that it was 10 years ago now. Thoroughly enjoying every moment again but also sad every minute of it.

    Thank you for continuing this blog Joe!

    1. Totally share your sentiments regarding SGU. It was truly special and I still grieve its loss.

  5. If you want to come on the daily circus podcast we’d be happy to release an ep long or short as you want before the tweetstorm. We always love having creators on.

  6. What are our hashtags for the Tweet Storm??? Are we going with #StargateNow or something else?

    1. The unique hashtag won’t be released until 15 minutes prior to the start of the tweet storm.

      1. Where do we get the hashtag when it comes out? Are we supposed to follow a person or organization on Twitter? Will it be posted somewhere? What are we supposed to tweet when the hashtag comes out? I want to help but have no idea how.

        1. Follow @StargateNow who will release the hashtag shortly before the tweetstorm

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