The High Council and I are in the final planning stages for the upcoming Stargate tweet storm.  We just have a few details to nail down (hopefully by tomorrow) after which we will be posting the exact date and time of the event.  We’ll have more than a few surprises in store, so stay tuned!


Well, I’m past the halfway mark of my Montreal visit and am not getting any of the work done I had planned on completing while in town.  I think lack of sleep has a lot to do with.  At night, my sister’s dogs like to cram in close – and get up and walk around at all hours of the night.  They are also up at 6:00 a.m. on the nose.  My sister suggested that, if I’m not ready to get up, I should just tell them “Go back to sleep” – which, as it turns out, works for about ten minutes before they’re up again.

They also bark at everything.  And I do mean EVERYTHING!  People, cars, other dogs, each other.  I think my blood pressure will be through the roof by the time I finish up here on Monday.


Went out with one of my oldest friends last night.  “Oldest” as in “longest friendship”  Also, “oldest” as in elderly and decrepit.  Lawrence is pictured above, picking the raspberry off our sushi.  Yes!  Raspberries on sushi!  The restaurant’s other aberrant offerings included maki with blueberries and strawberries.  I mean, why not M&M’s and gummy worms?

Apparently, he doesn’t really keep up to date on the blog and mostly ignores my tweets with the exception of my semi-regular weird food-related Yes/No posts.  So, just in case he missed it (and with the holidays right around the corner), I ask you –

I’ll be honest.  I’d MUCH prefer these over peppermint.

11 thoughts on “November 21, 2019: Midway in Montreal!

  1. Midway? Sounds like a count down to freedom. XD
    Fruits on sushi? … Now THAT is so WRONG and should be BANNED!

  2. If you don’t quit showing that sausage flavored candy cane, I’m going to barf.

    Do what I do. Just go ahead and get up at 6 a.m., then nap all day…

  3. Looking forward to the tweet storm!

    As far as those candy canes go, wouldn’t it be easier just to bend up some Slim Jim’s, hang them in the tree, and call it a day?

  4. High Council. LOL. Maybe do-not-sleep Council. Just like old times. This will be a blast.

    Sorry about the pets. When I have clients leave pets here they have to 1) get along with Boomer; 2) don’t bark often (because Patrick can’t handle dogs that bark).

    Raspberry should NEVER be on SUSHI. I love raspberry. Seedless raspberry preferred but seeds are okay if its not available. They used to make raspberry jelly bars/sticks as a candy. Trader Joe’s used to have them but they only have the orange. Walmart used to have a brand, too, but again they only have the orange. I need to hunt down raspberry jelly sticks.

    Absolutely NO on the candy canes. I let the original flavor.

    1. @PBMom Sadly, Walgreens doesnt seem to carry them anymore either.

      They do still carry raspberry jelly sticks in the chocolate shoppes
      at the larger shopping malls here but I rarely have the time or energy
      for noisy, crowded, mall jaunts anymore and dont much care for
      the Sweets or JellyBelly brands that’s sold via Amazon and other online retailers
      here in the U.S.

      If I do track some down locally, I’ll be sure to mail ya a box or two for Christmas.

  5. So much for the big announcement….I’ll put in my two cents for the storm, but I agree with the people who say MGM doesn’t care. (Didn’t Brad Wright cure you of the idea that they do during your recent meet ?? ) And thus, Stargate is dead. But things can’t possibly get worse, so I’ll go through the motions. And yeah, I am cynical…I learned from this guy called O’Neill..with two l’s.

  6. Our Alaskan has taken to 3am wandering on occasion. Usually it’s because her bladder is filling (she sometimes drinks too much water at night), but at other times I think it’s just old age sleeplessness (Hey! I can sympathize!). Adopting a more regimented water schedule has helped a bit.

    Sometimes dog-sitting for family and friends can be a little stressful due to different training and doggy parenting styles. We have friends who don’t have many boundaries for their dog (they allow her to climb on the furniture and jump on people, et cetera) and our huskies don’t understand why they can’t do those things too; their dog is about 15lbs while our huskies are 50+lbs each. When Lucy was younger, she was like a furry missle strike coming in when I got home from work, so for the safety of our guests, we had to constrain that behavior.

    But when we dog sit, we’ve had to spend some time “training” our doggy visitor for how our huskies need to behave. The pack mentality helps here. I do ask permission from our friends before I do this, but I’ve found it necessary for our husky pack’s good manners.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the tweet-storm. Depending on the timing, I may not be able to participate due to final clearing out of our storage space, installing an arsenic mitigation system in the new house, picking up my son from the airport, and recovering from my SFO to DTW flights and flight changes.

    On the flight changes, my suckage quotient today is steadily increasing as I woke up at 4am to a message that my flight out of SFO was delayed and I’d miss my connection. I’ve rebooked, but steady hassles all the way through check-in and security have me wary that the quotient is steadily increasing. I hope not, but after 30+ years of airline travel, you get a feel for these things…wish me luck!

      1. There’s too much arsenic in the wall water of the new house. I’m installing a bayoxide filter in the supply line to the house to remove it.

        I had to punt this to Monday/Tuesday because of having to move the Corvette project out of storage and into the pole barn at the new house tomorrow. We’re on bottled water until I get the arsenic mitigation system installed, but I’m confident I’ll have it done before Thanksgiving on Thursday.

  7. No to meat flavored candy canes but then, I love mint.

    Lack of sleep is making you a little cranky. Completely understandable. We slowly get trained by our pets. Your Sis probably doesn’t even notice. I’m sure Suji/Lulu would drive her crazy too. How long do you have and can you catch a few naps?

    I read JeffW‘s FB post about the arsenic. He goes into detail about the situation. It’s a good thing he’s an engineer. I would be too intimated by the problem to tackle it myself.

    Hope you have a safe trip JeffW!

    Fruit on Sushi? Is this one of those fusion restaurants?

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