So, why am I so positive about this upcoming tweet storm?  Do I actually think it will change things?  Influence the decision-makers?  Ultimately result in a new in-canon Stargate series?

In a word: Yes.  For several reasons, most of which I’ve already outlined.  But for one reason almost no one has noted.  The last tweet storm worked.  No, it didn’t immediately result in a new series, but I believe it did get the ball rolling in that direction.  And I’ll explain how shortly.  First, let me lay out my overall reasoning on this:

Since shortly after Stargate: Universe aired its final episode, I’ve been vocal and adamant in my belief that we would be getting a new series – eventually.  At the time, I had no idea what form it would take or, specifically, when it would land, but common sense dictated it WOULD happen.  Eventually.  Now I know it’s downright crazy to apply logic to the entertainment industry – and that’s true. With one exception: when it comes to the bottom line.  Studios are in the business of making money, and the Stargate franchise was one of MGM’s biggest moneymakers. There is no way they’re just going to allow it lie fallow indefinitely. There have been changes at the company, both in terms of its leadership and, by extension, production strategy.  That has no doubt delayed things – as has, I suspect, a cautious approach to a relaunch.  As I said, the Stargate franchise is one of MGM’s most lucrative properties, and they want to be absolutely sure that the series they are going to green light has as much opportunity to succeed as possible.  They need to be sure.  And THAT takes time.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry that the rise of the streamers will also exert an influence as these elite players seek to build a subscriber base by offering exclusive marquee content.  One way to do that is by spending on huge productions.  Another way is to acquire established properties, ones with built-in fanbases that will drive subscriptions.  I’m talking about Amazon’s forthcoming Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time adaptations, CBS All Access’ Star Trek revival, Disney+’s The Mandalorian, Netflix’s Lost in Space.  And I’m also talking about Stargate.  It’s an as-of-yet untapped goldmine, one with a solid fanbase clamoring for more.

Now I’m not saying a new Stargate series couldn’t land on one of the big networks or cable entities because they’re just as hungry for product, especially a proven property like Stargate, but the fact is that these new streaming services are driving a lot of this new IP-based content.  And a number of them are just getting started.  There’s Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, more recently CBS All-Access and Apple TV+ and Disney+, and upcoming, Warner Media’s HBO Max and NBCU’s Peacock.  And I’m sure we’ll see more, a growing list of potential homes. But the reality is that while the number of these potential homes may continue to grow, the number of properties with Stargate’s pedigree (17 seasons, 300+ episodes) is severely limited.  Someone is going to make a move soon, and to those that don’t: Well, you snooze, you lose.

To this point, I’ve discussed the various market forces that are dovetailing to make the production of a new Stargate series inevitable.  But there is one more piece of the puzzle, the final element that will ensure we get that new Stargate – and not just any old Stargate series, but one that is in-canon and offers a perfect entry point for new viewers while also rewarding longtime fans.  And that final element is YOU.  Now some of you may wonder “How can fans possibly have any influence on the launch of a new Stargate series?”.  My answer to that is – You already have.

Stargate: Universe was cancelled on December 16, 2010.  Its final episode aired May 9, 2011.  Years went by without any word regarding a new series.  And then, in March of 2018, Stargate fandom launched an enormous tweet storm in support of a new in-canon series.  Six months later, during an appearance at Gatecon, longtime Stargate Executive Producer and Showrunner announced that he was in talks with MGM.  “I’m very happy to be able to say that MGM has a nice renewed interest in the franchise,” Wright said to fans. “And we have started talking again.”

Hmmm.  7+ years of radio silence and then months after that massive tweet storm, suddenly, progress.  Sure, it may just be a coincidence – but I’m not a big fan of coincidences.  That’s lazy, contrived, result writing.

Now I’m not saying the massive online showing by fans was the single motivating factor, but I like to think that it was, perhaps, ONE of the factors that led them to finally see the light and realize: “Hey, Brad Wright created and oversaw seventeen years of our most successful franchise next to Bond.  We really should be talking to him about new Stargate.”.

Between the rise of the streamers, the quest for marquee content, and Brad Wright’s renewed involvement in the franchise, I think we’re nearing critical mass. And this upcoming tweet storm will help us achieve it.


Looking forward to it – and what the next six months bring!

28 thoughts on “Stargate: A New Hope

  1. I think (and hope) you are correct. I agree with the logic of your argument, because its ultimate point is that bringing back an in canon Stargate series is most definitely in MGM’s interest and by ‘interest’ you mean ‘financial’ among other things … interest. So, I hope you are correct and that MGM has the good sense you think it must have. And should a new SG series appear relatively soon or whenever, I hope that MGM also has the good sense of giving it the best possible chance and absolutely NOT allowing it to premiere on the very downbeat SYFY channel, When SG1 first was aired, it was a SHOWTIME series where it resided for its first 5 years., The next five were on SYFY – and it could easily still have continued when it was cancelled as it still had good ratings and the new cast additions had actually worked out well. But, of course, the dreaded SYFY 5 year rule wasn’t so apparent as it has been in retrospect., And now, after they cancelled first Dark Matter and at the same time renewed absolutely terrible mindless series such as Wynona Earp and then cancelled The Expanse – while bringing in more mindless terrible series such as Krypton and Happy – at present, I think premiering a new creative Stargate on that network would be courting disaster. So, I hope MGM has indeed the good sense as you’ve explained, and also the good sense to make sure that wherever the new Stargate goes, after they finally decide that now is indeed the time, that they resist any temptations to allow it to surface on the network of disaster, the SYFY network,

    1. Hey now, Zack, Krypton was actually pretty decent. And I can prove it, Syfy cancelled it.

  2. I remember saying all along that it was just a matter of time. I’m pretty excited by the prospect!

    Also whoever did that graphic, great job!

  3. I’m in Spain so I’m reading the tweet storm as being at 1500 my time.

    I really hope they pick it up soon. I still haven’t watched the last episode of SGU. Yeah yeah I’m a weirdo but I like the idea there’s a new episode for me to see. I started sharing Stargate SG1 with my oldest before our overseas move and this reminds me I need to pick it back up.

    Side note: I’m a huge Wheel of Time fan so I’m on pins and needles right now about the show they’re developing…

    1. Not 15:00, at 03:00 in Spain, the night between December 6 and 7 🙂
      It’s at 18:00 in Vancouver, they are 9h in the past :p EVERYONE: use to make a countdown with different timezones 🙂

  4. We have already had a new series/movies called Stargate origin’s, it was actually really good. Any new content would be limited as only Netflix Amazon YouTube and CBS are available in the majority of the world.

    1. Yeah I noticed how that was completely left out
      . Lime it didn’t happen.. like we’re still waiting for a newer one. And I thought it was pretty good as well

    2. I’m not sure what the general consensus is/was about SG:Origins but it didn’t seem to generate much excitement once it was released and people saw the end product. While I didn’t exactly hate it I felt it was a very very cheaply executed revival attempt – to my eyes it was little better than a fan-made production.

  5. I agree that interest is out there. My son is working on a Stargate game now. I don’t know all the details but I believe it’s a role playing game. He’s been watching all my Stargate 📀 for background info. He’s been wondering if you’ve heard about it?

    I didn’t know about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time adaptations. I’ll look for those!

  6. Oh and I forgot to add that he’s sending the tweet storm info to all his co-workers/gaming buddies.

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I’ve roasting some veggies, frying a plantain for lunch and watching movies. I might squeeze in a nap, if i’m lucky.

  7. I’m sorry to post again but did you see that another K-Pop star was found dead? Terrible tragedy….. 🙁

  8. I only hope the new SG will be canonic, good old military sci-fi. I mean, not a parody like Origins. I’ll be there for the storm. We all will be, I hope 🙂

  9. We will have to wait and see what happens!! I personally miss Stargate SG1 and Atlantis!

  10. I’ve been thinking that a good premise for a new Stargate series would be the use of the quantum mirror and adventures to alternet universe’s. It would have so much potential, as long as it didn’t get to much like ‘Sliders’.

    Just an idea.

  11. Ah, it was such a shame that Universe was cancelled; that and (Stargate) Atlantis are my favorite Sci-Fi shows of all time. I really hope this reboot happens soon, and I’d like to see some sort of in-cannon update on the Destiny crew’s status (even just a passing mention or mission report).

    IIRC Atlantis was also cancelled, but at least that was at what felt like a season finale.

  12. You’ve gotta make this more viable for United Kingdom fans, I work 12 hour days and can not be awake at 2am to post a twitter comment. Please change the time! You’re going to lose a lot of interactions if you do not…

  13. Stargate Universe left us hanging with all in stasis except the youngest of the crew. The gamer that solved the problem that set up that whole sub franchise. He has his breakhrough, wakes everyone and on to the next phase.


  15. I only hope this comes to pass and that SGU can get a proper conclusion at some point.

  16. I love the Stargate franchise, I like both SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. But I was having a hard time getting into Stargate Universe..😞 Sorry. Yeah my friend enjoyed the SGU series, but I am willin to give it another shot. Oh yeah I’m just wondering if there is a synopsis for this new upcoming Stargate series? And if there is gonna to be any actor’s or actresses from all three tv series that wants to reprise there roles and make cameo in this upcoming series? I hope they stay away from doing prequels and no time travel, because that is just straight up lazy writing. It has been used so many times in different Syfy shows it’s just jarring. And too me in my opinion they only do it to either redcon something they don’t like. But only time I’ll except time travel if it makes sense and if its part of the plot, also if it is unique and done right. Other than that I say just move forward and expand it.

    1. There is no other series at the moment that we know of – hence Joe’s push for a tweetstorm. At this point we are hoping as Joe says to get something in canon that can serve as an entry point for both old and new Stargate fans.
      BTW, SGU was excellent. I’ve heard many people who were dead set against it at the time come around and really get into it. Alas, would but they had appreciated it at the time. It remains my favorite entry in the series despite loving both SG-1 and Atlantis and i rewatch it regularly.

  17. Saw this only because Chrome knows me so well and I just – I am so excited and hopeful and totally onboard for this. The Stargate shows have remained at the top of my favorite shows list all this time despite how many other shows have come out since. A new in-canon series is pretty much everything I’ve been dreaming about all these years. I’ve marked the day and time in my calendar. I will do my part to let the fandom be heard – including waking my poor bestie in the middle of the night to make sure she also knows (apparently my text ringtone on her phone is the Stargate theme, lol).

    Long live Stargate!

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