Semifinal action in our Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament has kicked off with season 1’s Time and season 2’s Epilogue squaring off for the right to move on to the finals.  Who’s got your vote?

Head on over to twitter to weigh in.

News of note…

Aliens among us?!

Unique inventions…

Holograms you can feel?

Regretting that donut?  Blame your irrational brain.

11 Biggest Questions About Dark Matter.  To which I would add a 12th: When’s that miniseries happening?


Finally, I leave you with Hip, the feature track off MAMAMOO’S latest album, reality in BLACK, that just dropped today –

4 thoughts on “November 14, 2019: It’s the Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament Semifinals! And News of Note!

  1. If octopus were extraterrestrial, they taste very yummy. XD

    Mamamoo’s HIP is very hip indeed.

  2. While Epilogue is certainly my favorite from season 2, I have to give a shout out to Trial and Error, a great and vastly underrated episode.

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