The final results are in and season 1’s Time pulls off an impressive victory over season’s Epilogue, 56% to 44%.  Time moves on to the Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament to face off against one of these two episodes…

It’s a close one, but there are still 20 hours to vote.  So head on over to twitter to cast your ballot!

Yes, another day another day-late blog entry.  This time, I wrote up the entry, then set it aside to take my evening shower (Like they do in Japan!) and completely forgot.  What does that say about my state of mind?

3 thoughts on “November 16, 2019: And once again…

  1. Too much in your mind … and need more brain food. 😉
    (Hmm … I should probably remind you if I don’t see a post by 10pm daily 🤔? Or would it be way past your bedtime then?)

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