Oooh, look at what came in the mail today.  It’s my custom wedding band (aka Sinestro ring) from  It joins my Legion flight ring (also from Superhero Rings) as part of my burgeoning collection.

What’s next?  Undecided, but I have my eye on that red lantern ring…

This afternoon, my pre-pitch drink of choice: the extra chocolatey chocolate mocha from Hot Black Coffee.

I feel like I might write a dedicate blog entry about the art of pitching in the coming days.  If you have any questions you’d like me to field on the subject, please post them.

Alrighty.  Tomorrow, the Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament begins! What four episodes will square for the right to represent season 1?  Weigh in with your suggestions!

I think I’ll catch a matinee tomorrow.  After trying to decide between Doctor Sleep, Joker, Terminator: Dark Fate, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, It Chapter Two, Midway, and Motherless Brooklyn I have chosen to go with…none of the above.  I’ll be catching Derek Tsang’s Better Days instead. Looking forward to it.



21 thoughts on “November 7, 2019: Look at what came in the mail!

  1. Pitching …
    Prep work? How to decide which network to pitch? What to present? The executives’ expectation?

  2. I don’t know what you just changed but the full text and photos are now appearing in your RSS feed again. Woo hoo! Now your new posts show up in my mail reader like an E-Mail message!

    That hot chocolate looks pretty good! As a non-coffee/tea drinker hot chocolate is my only option for hot drinks. I make my own at home with half milk, half cream and 70% couverture Belgian chocolate. The cafe versions just don’t compare.

  3. Check out Jojo Rabbit. Saw it on Tuesday. It is so well done. Watitti is so talented!!!

  4. Love the ring’s may I ask where did you get them from???thank you Joe.Do you and Paul still collabareate on show’s???

    1. The link is there.
      Paul and I are no longer a writing/producing team.

  5. I also like those two rings – they’re simple and very effective.

    I really loved Stargate Universe as much equally as SG1, and almost as much as Dark Matter. There was so much to like and love about the concept, the stories, all the possibilities that were suggested in every episode, and that incredible ship – Destiny, as well as every thing that was on that ancient vessel. Destiny is very different from the Raza – but just as amazing. Why that show also was cancelled – it was definitely catching on, though why there seemed to be some initial resistance has always baffled me.

    Moving on to the best of SGU. I’ve watched all the episodes again in the last year, and there are many many excellent efforts: TIME is one that stands out, Twin Destinies is another,

    However, now I find that I want to check through both years again – to make sure the names match up with the episodes in mind – (I loved SG1, but SGU and Dark Matter are the shows I really still miss – and I hope the day that MGM decides, if they finally ever do, to bring back some version of SG or SG1 will be soon (not to mention still that somehow that one series you are hoping to get approval on that would allow some DM continuance – SYFY cancelled a show that had better ratings that all those they renewed – something I have never understood).

  6. Line Noise: I’m not a coffee drinker either. How about Chai Tea? Thanks for the cocoa recipe!

    Great ring! Now let’s see your ring and Akemi’s together…?

    Break a leg on the pitches!

    1. Hmmmmm. There’s Planta Queen (on Queen West). There’s Lov (which I didn’t love).

    2. @ TAM DIXON
      Some restaurants do provide vegan menu. Is your friend interested in tasting or chef’s menu?

  7. Cool ring! I have my eye on the black Galactic Empire ring. Do you have the Sinestro cufflinks yet?

  8. Thank you Mr. M. and NANTOKANARU77! I’m not sure what she’s interested in but I’ll have you look up those choices.

  9. Pitching: Do you have sketches Drawing when pitching or just verbal stuff ? Whats the contents of a Pitch?

    1. I’m going to do a dedicated blog entry in the coming days that will cover all of that.

      1. How to contact the potential guys to pitch to? Can you Pitch to a Pitcher :)) but seriously ,,If I want to pitch you and idea but I dont want to do it ..not my domain

  10. If LA is the mecca for pitching in the US, what is the city for Canada?

    And do you pitch in LA but they tell you that you will be filming in another city like NY (for example)?

  11. “I feel like I might write a dedicate blog entry about the art of pitching…”

    Well do you throw under hand, over hand, a slider or a curve ball?
    How are the Expos doing this season, by the way?

    Seriously, when you make pitches do you know the individuals that you are pitching to and is there a “grape-vine” of information in the industry so that you know how to change the pitch for any individual?

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