The Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament is underway!  Head on over to twitter and cast your vote for your favorite episode the show’s first season.  If your favorite is one of the four listed, then mention it in the comments section to help it secure a tourney wildcard entry!

And, yes.  It’s Incursion not Incursions, but by the time I noticed I’d accidentally added the “s”, the voting had already begun.

Well, I took the day off today to catch a matinee of what turned out to be my favorite movie of 2019 – Better Days, a Chinese film that was originally banned in its homeland before having the ban reversed and going on to become a box-office hit in China.  It’s a film with tremendous heart.  Check out the trailer  –

3 thoughts on “November 8, 2019: Vote for your favorite SGU first season episode! And then go see Better Days!

  1. Although those are all great eps, Time really stands out. I just recently rewatched it Rob C did a brilliant job.

    The movie looks interesting!

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