Who’s up for another Stargate Greatest Episode Tournament?  We did one for SG-1 (winner = Window of Opportunity!) and another for Atlantis (winner = Rising!).  Now, we move on to Stargate: Universe.

Over the next couple of days, please weigh in with your selections for the show’s top episodes.  I’ll be compiling a short list of, four from each season.  Eight will battle, but only one will survive to be crowned champion.  Which episode will it be?  YOU decide!

Speaking of Stargate – another good ole-fashioned tweetstorm is in the works.  We’re going to take the next couple of weeks to strategize after which we’ll announce the date.  In the meantime, please start limbering up your tweeting fingers.

I just have to finish work on a couple of pitches, attend a few mixes – and get the ball rolling on my second script for TimEscape.  

By the way, THIS is what I wake up to every morning.  Suji wakes up at the crack of dawn with Akemi and impatiently waits for me to join them.  And when I do, she quite vocally expresses her displeasure at my sleeping in…


8 thoughts on “November 5, 2019: The Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament!

  1. Suji can be a feisty one, but it’s it’s clear a few smooches can make things right. Give her and Lulu big hugs for me!

  2. Voting for the best episodes for stargate universe is going to be ultra difficult as I believe every episode to equally awesome and as far as a tweet storm how about trying to convince MGM to sell the franchise to a broadcaster whom won’t sit on the new series and produce something like now.

  3. Count me among the tweeters.

    So great to see others who love their four-legged children as much as I do mine. And Akemi’s laugh gets me every time!

  4. Hi Joseph, I think it is about time to stop remembering the good old days and start creating new Stargate content! Star Trek is back with 4(!) show (Discovery running, Picard and other animated series coming up in a few months), Star Wars has been back for a few years as well. All that’s missing out of the action is Stargate! MGM should not miss out on the Star action! Let’s get thing rolling again ASAP! About SG Universe, I loved all of them, but I could have done it without all the extended internal wars (crew or intruders)

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