In trying to put together a list like this, I’m always genuinely surprised but what does, and doesn’t, ultimately make the cut.  There are a lot of great songs with good, sometimes not so good, videos. And then, there are terrific videos with songs that simply fail to grab me.  In the end, after careful consideration and review of some 300+ videos, I’ve finally come up with a Top 10(ish).  

On a separate note, I am struck by the number of Kpop videos that include either: a) a dance sequence in ankle-deep water, b) a blindfolded group member, c) someone consuming a flower.  Sometimes, all three. 

Anyways, here are My Top 10 Favorite Kpop Videos.

Of course, ask me again next week and my list and rankings may be totally different.

#10. Monster by EXO/Jopping by SuperM (TIE)

I think Monster is the better song but Jopping is the better video.  I went back and forth on this one and ultimately elected to call it a tie.  But check out both videos below and you decide.

#9. All Mine by f(x)

Surprisingly, my favorite f(x) song isn’t Electric Shock or Nu Abo (both great) but this song, and this video is the reason why.  Deceptively simple in concept and relatively inexpensive to produce, it nevertheless delivers a sense of fun in the performances, especially on the part of Amber Liu who seems to be having a blast.

#8. Catallena by Orange Caramel

As someone who appreciates sushi as much as he appreciates Kpop, I find it impossible NOT to show some love for this completely bonkers video.  Never before have I witnessed so much attitude from an octopus.

#7. Gangnam Style by PSY

Speaking of bonkers, this video – my introduction to Kpop – is chock full o’ great comic vignettes and cameos, among them the ever-awesome Hyuna.  The song is an infectious ear worm.

#6. Hobgoblin by CLC

There are a lot of great songs by female groups, and a  lot of great official videos to accompany them, but this one makes the list on the strength of the sharp edit and unique transitions that see the girls literally bat and slap the camera into the next shot.

#5. Lipstick by Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel makes a second appearance on this list with a video that, though arguably not as bananas as Catellena, still offers some great comic bits and a surprisingly coherent narrative.  That three-on-one battle against the Princess of Ping Pong is perfection.

#4. Kill This Love by Blackpink

A visual feast, this video is Blackpink’s most stunning offering – and that says a lot when you consider their other videos like Boombayah or Ddu-Du Ddu-Du in which Jenny rolls in on a jewel-encrusted tank.  The Making Of video is equally impressive.

#3. Gottasadae by BewhY

My appreciation for this bizarre yet slick production continues to grow as does my love for this song.

#2. Taller Than You by Mamamoo

In a music video world that celebrates uniformity and group sync, this video is unique in its showcasing of the four women who make up Mamamoo.  It’s great, goofy fun and really allows their individual personalities to shine.  

#1. Adios by Everglow

After much back and forth, I decided to award the #1 spot to the song and video that sent me down the Kpop rabbit hole.  When the beat drops at 1:11, look out!

So, which Kpop videos not covered here would make YOUR Top 10?


10 thoughts on “My Top 10 Kpop Videos!

  1. K/DA PopStars is my absolute favorite. It’s a brilliant video as well as song.
    Oh My Girl – Liar Liar is pretty bonkers video and a good earworm.
    Wonder Girls – Like This is good because it seems (almost) unscripted. I like the video for Like MOney as well, but it’s not special, just good.

    Moving to J-pop, my two favorite groups are Back On and 4 Minute. The videos are pretty normal, but I love the music.

  2. One of these days the kpop industry is going to realize that the specific kind of beauty it selects for is stacking their ranks with people who have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

  3. In choosing between Monster and Jopping, it feels a little bit like apples and oranges. As a professional musician whose mother was an accomplished professional dancer and musician, I am drawn first to stories told through music and dance elements that don’t necessarily include expensive productions. On that basis, I choose Monster over Jopping. However, Jopping relies heavily on very expensive, well done production elements. If I were giving an award for best use of special fx and visual appeal other than dance, then Jopping wins. Apples and oranges.

    Any chance you would expand this to your top 25 to kickstart my collection?

  4. For the fun factor, the two Orange Caramel videos win. However, I still love disco so All Mine by f(x) wins overall for me with it’s disco dance beat and feel. They’re all so different and likeable for various reasons. I don’t think I can put them in any order like you have.

  5. Thanx for that. I have never listened to K-Pop before so it was fun to try some out. I think as you do Monster and Jopping are the front runners, the video for Jopping is by far a lot more entertaining and I do like the harmonies more so I’d say that’s a win for me 😎👌

  6. We were in S Korea this year. Talk about ear worm, not sure of the band but “Shower” was everywhere.

  7. I like most songs and videos by 2NE1. I also like “My Ear’s Candy” by Baek Ji Young.

    Also, you should look for the series called The Unit – Idol Rebooting Project. It’s a fascinating watch, and the two groups that result have some great music. I particularly like UnB.

    You’ve got some great stuff on your list. Thanks for sharing!

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