There’s not getting anything past you eagle-eyed readers!  In response to many of you who were taken by surprise…

Yes, that IS a Gudetama mug Akemi got me for my birthday.  Cool, no?

Oh, and, yes, we got married.

The important thing is Suji and Lulu will no longer be made fun of by the other dogs at the park because their mom and dad are unmarried.

And speaking of Suji and Lulu, this year’s limited edition pin is now available!


To order yours, CLICK HERE

Over on twitter, I’m continuing my #SecretsOfStargate reveals with insights into deleted scenes and other behind-the-scenes snippets like…

Screen-shot-2019-10-17-at-6.31.05-pm Screen-shot-2019-10-17-at-6.31.35-pm Screen-shot-2019-10-17-at-6.32.45-pm

And, of course that Replicator Freefall –

And a little falling action from Dark Matter…

16 thoughts on “October 17, 2019: Eagle-Eyed Readers, Suji & Lulu Pins, and #SecretsOfStargate – and Dark Matter!

  1. I love that BTS stuff, but I wish some of those lines had made it into the final episodes! The frell/frak would have been awesome!

    LOVE the Lulu & Suji pin. It’s a must have!

  2. I just ordered my third pin. I love my expanding collection with Lulu on the pin with Suji.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations! You guys are so perfect together and I can’t be happier for you. So many of us have been waiting years for this day, and so worth the wait!

  4. ABOUT TIME!!!!!! Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy. A match made in heaven. So…will Akemi and you have a wedding in Japan at some point? Is she keeping her maiden name? This is the best news I’ve gotten in…hmmm….let me think…..its been so long ago…yep can’t remember its been that long.

    I tried to buy a pin. I can’t buy a pin because I don’t live in Canada apparently. We need OPTIONS for the United States at the very least. Just sayin’.

  5. That pin is too cute! Artist Akemi does an awesome job.

    I’m telling you, write a children’s book and Akemi can illustrate it. The book does not have to be long. A very short story. A quicky before your child goes to sleep at night…

  6. Yippee, wow, Congratulations to both of you.. Happy marriage,, Happy birthday…Much love to both of you!!. thanks for all the sharing..

  7. Congratulations to you both. May your marriage be long an full of good food & pugs. xxx

  8. The heading to this included Dark Matter but I for one didn’t see anything about DM. What is the latest news re season 4 conclusion??? This is an absolute tv catastrophe!!

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