So, I’m circling the week of November 11th to be back in L.A. for another round of pitches and generals.  This time, I’ll be going out with one big pitch – and a few briefer targeted pitches including that military sci-fi series, the far future spaceship series, and the high concept horror movie (or possibly series).  Between then and now, I need to finalize that Big pitch, prep three more, and rewrite a pilot.  I’ll also be starting work on a second script for (the formerly Untitled Awesome Project) TimEscape.  I have a rough beat sheet that I want to put out next week, once we’ve decided on a story editor.  Meanwhile, I’m still pursuing all leads and follow-ups related to our last trip to L.A. – and awaiting word on that other BIG pitch that has been surprisingly slow moving.  It’s been so long since I’ve heard back that I’m half-inclined to call the police and ask them do a welfare check.  I dread the inevitable call from the authorities: “The executives accidentally locked themselves in their offices three weeks ago but, sadly, no one reported them missing in time.  You should have contacted us as soon as you didn’t hear back on your pitch after that first week…”

All this to say, I’m still riding the development merry-go-round.  

And drinking a cup of chamomile every evening before bedtime.  It relaxes me and ensures I get in a slightly less poor night’s sleep.  I want to blame the dogs who are so wedged up against me that I either have to sleep half off the bed or contorted around them like a far bendier magician’s assistant, but I think it’s something else.  Like getting older.  Or having too much on my mind.  Probably the last one.  On occasion, I have relied  on melatonin but I’ve heard that if you use it too much, it will inhibit your body’s ability to naturally create it on its own.  Of course, I suspect this could just be groundless conjecture like humans only use ten percent of their brain, or eating fried chicken sandwiches is bad for you. 

So, what’s going on this weekend? 

9 thoughts on “October 18, 2019: Riding the development merry-go-round!

  1. How on God’s green earth do you have enough time to write on so many different projects? No wonder you didn’t get married sooner 🙂

    Starting my drive up to Vancouver tomorrow, and rain! We’ve been lucky the fires haven’t been around us so far, just the smoke. But we’re suppose to get more Santa Ana winds over the weekend. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes in the Sylmar/Porter Ranch fire last weekend.

  2. Had a lovely reunion with six cousins and unrelated friends in Austin, TX, today.

  3. You need to stop thinking about all the stuff you need to do while trying to sleep. Haha, I know all too well that’s easier said than done.

    This weekend – volunteering with Nature Conservancy tomorrow providing guidance in trail maintenance (most of the day) then Sunday singing with Saint John Chorale at a concert. Also trying to slip in a little packing for the big move in ONE WEEK.

    Now I have to try to get to sleep!

  4. Wow your life is busy but I think you function well under pressure. Tomorrow I am going to see Zombieland Double Tap with my husband. He dislikes crowds but he loved the original film so we will go to the theatre. Next weekend I am going to #Frightmareinthefalls horror convention. I will be cosplaying as Annie Wilkes again and my new cosplay will be Tangina Barrons from Poltergeist.

  5. You have a lot on your mind, which may explain lack of sleep. Chamomile tea is a great idea and perhaps some white or pink noise will relax you to sleep. I have various loops of rain showers both audio and video that are great for allowing the mind to drift into REM sleep. You can find them on yourtube under RAINBIRD or YOGADUKE. YOGADUKE has also made a few driving in the rain videos that are great but not good if you are driving. Rain has an amazing natural effect that resembles biofeedback. Sound can have a huge impact on mood or demeanor. Even listening to soft floating music can help. Some artists who can bring the ZZZ’s include Steve Roach, Max Corbacho and Numina…all available on youtube. Me explaining the Big Bang as a sudden expansion of energy slowed down to a vibrational or vibratory state of protomatter to dark matter to dark energy to energy and finally to matter also works.


    When you pitch, I hope you can get that futuristic spaceship gig off the ground and maybe coax someone to revive Dark Matter.

    Good luck with everything!

  6. First, dusting off by house. Then, dusting off my blog and twitter account – neither of which I have used in ages – and then continuing to write Stargate Universe Season Four and my third novel. And by then, the weekend should be over and I’ll have to see about a mountain of paperwork waiting for me at my day job.

  7. I’m going to have to try that tea. I didn’t fall asleep until 6 a.m. this morning and Patrick is home and Jeff was outside and he woke me up at 9:00, so 3 hours of sleep for me. Interesting about the melatonin. I have found that I needed to go up to 10 mg from 5 mg but then it stopped working at 10 mg, so I tried 20 mg. I thought maybe with my weight increase I might need to adjust that for that, but no difference. I’m out of it now, so maybe I’ll stop taking it and see if anything changes for the good or better. I agree it is because there is too much on MY mind and too much to do. And for me two major things intersected with each other at the same time at the end of last month. Put me in a tailspin. I got some of the one major thing to them and said I would get the rest to them after my tax return was filed. I only have to run out for one pet sitting job today

  8. Gosh, so much ‘not’ going on. No wonder your poor brain can’t shut down for a peaceful night’s kip. I hope something opens for you very soon. You’ve worked hard enough!

    Friday night was a reunion with two friends I’d made whilst pinging arrows. Our age range is vast (me being oldest🙄) but we seem to somehow become the ‘same age’ when we meet up. It’s really nice, we try new beers n the most sickly desserts we can find, talk about silly stuff & serious things. Then depart our separate ways.

    Yesterday hit a food festival at RHS Wisley (garden) with my St John Ambulance mates (me being the youngest this time) We’ve all retired from it now but we’ve shared so much over the years, both on duty and off, we’re like family. Had a great day. Got well truly stuffed with all the freebie food plus a tad tiddly with the alcohollic samples – which is quite a feat with all our various medical conditions 🤭

    Today, reality. Sitting here trying to work out my media payments & contracts. There’s such a lot, for so many different things! Now it’s all paperless I can’t seem to have any control over it either!
    I really don’t like technology. It makes things so complicated ….

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