11 thoughts on “October 7, 2019: More Secrets of Stargate! And a few from Dark Matter!

  1. 😳 A multi-tasking failure on the ? . 🙂

    Have a great evening Everyone!

  2. Joseph Mallozzi I so glad to see this blog! I am a 64 yo white southern American girl and I am hooked on Stargate series and just finished Dark Matter season 3. What!?!?! No season 4! You have me wanting more! I hope there is more in the works! I also want to thank you for keeping everything void of expicit language, sex scenes, and other current trends in todays movie & TV land. Your series are entertaining, educating, heart-pulling and spiced with humor. Love it! So what deep space series can we look forward to? Continuing Dark Matters? Your series are still relevant so keep on writing.

    FTL for now…….

    JoAnne Josey

  3. Happy birthday Anthony and Drea and hoping your day was everything you wished for!
    Always love your blogs Joe, yet find it hard to stop looking at those awesome babies!

  4. Sorry, late to the party again, Happy belated birthday to Drea and Anthony Lemke!!
    I always got a laugh if I was lucky enough to catch the pineapple in an ep.

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