It’s never a good sign when your uber driver can’t figure out google maps.  

I honestly think I spent fully half of today inside a car either going somewhere or leaving.

Two very good pitch meetings today.  Author Craig Davidson (aka Nick Cutter) and I have finally nailed down our delivery – just in time for him to have to leave town to attend a writers’ event out east.  For the next two days, I’m flying solo.  

Alas, some bittersweet news on the pug adoption front.  We filled out the general adoption form, passed the home visit/interview, booked the hotel, arranged in-cabin transport with Air Canada, made plans to visit the rescue shelter on Friday – only to learn Bruno has been adopted.  I’m happy for the little guy and hope he finds happiness in his new home, but Akemi is crushed.  

Many of you have mentioned Milo as a possible adoption, but his profile mentions he occasionally gets involves in tiffs with other dogs – which is problematic for us because Suji is not a gal who likes to back down.  We’re going to need a very low key boy.

Anyway, I’m hoping that by Friday Akemi comes around and we can swing by anyway.  I reminded her that we were looking at two other senior pugs that we didn’t get before adopting Suji so, no doubt, we were meant to get this OTHER pug…whoever he is.

Autor Craig Davidson, aka Nick Cutter, aka The Udon King.

Akemi getting a little too comfortable, walking around the hotel in her bathrobe and flip flops.  

Yo, Top Gun!

Suuuuuure it will.

Dinner at Nightshade…

The kanpachi

The congee

The shrimp toast

With special dinner guest star: Ellen Wong!

13 thoughts on “September 25, 2019: Still in L.A. – mostly driving around!

  1. Akemi come here and let me give you a {{{HUG}}}. I’m crushed too. But fear not, it just means there is still another little fellow looking for love and waiting for you to come and take him home. Don’t give up yet. Fate awaits.

  2. Sorry to hear Bruno’s already been adopted. No worries. As you say, I’m sure it will all work itself out and you will end up with the right puppers for everyone in your home.
    Anywhoo, for what its worth, I dont think the description on Milo means he is by any means aggressive. I think it just means the other dogs at the rescue sometimes get upset that he bumps into them because he has a hard time seeing where he is going. I doubt Suji is so high strung she’d snap at him just because he accidentally, non aggressively, bumped into her.

    Hope the rest of your week in LA goes better and hope you get a chance to have dinner at Spago and maybe visit with some friends.

  3. Well, the upside is you’re getting an all expenses paid (by you) tour of LA!

    Cool to see Nick/Craig – I hope that project turns out.

    Sorry to hear about Bruno, but when the right one comes along I believe it will all naturally come together.

    Off to NH for the weekend. You would never know I recently sold the house and need to pack!

  4. Happy to know B-chan 🐕 has a new home. Yes, let’s find another pug 🐕 to bring home!!!
    Akemi fashion always interesting, at least this time she’s not scaring people in a dark room XD
    Good to see the happy side of “Misaki” XD

  5. I’m sorry to hear Bruno is gone, but I’m sure there’s another pug out there just waiting for you to find each other. Good luck!

  6. “Driving” around in L.A.? missing nappy time?

    Having dinner with Ellen Wong. Now, I am jealous!

  7. I’ve never forgiven you for killing off Misaki Han! 🙂
    I really loved the way that Ellen played such a conniving, untrustworthy, but loyal assistant in DM.
    I hope your LA trip is a great success.

  8. Sometimes a touch of sweet serendipity tossed into the recipe works.
    Maybe an unplanned jaunt to the burbs outside LA to consider??

    Meet Otis. 8 yr old male pug. very mellow/low key.
    Appears to be similar in size and demeanor to Bruno.
    Located 35 miles from LAX airport at a rescue center.
    Another, slightly smaller, mellow, 8 year old, Wade, is also listed on the page.

    Have Akemi take a look and see what she thinks.

  9. Oh Well. So much for Serendipity being sweet this week.
    Via that other pug rescue links contact page I found they moved to a new web site.
    Unfortunately the new page shows Otis has already been adopted. bummer.

    So it looks like dinner at Spago and an airplane ride home for the win.

  10. @Joe, yesterday:

    I agree wholeheartedly on the Impossible Burger…best veggie burger I’ve ever had, but not the best burger I’ve had overall. By the way, Burger King is now selling the Impossible Burger in the US; not that there’s a Burger King anywhere around the new house (although there is a jerky barn)…we’re out in the country a bit. 😉

    Safe travels and good luck on the adoption front!

  11. I would have sent the kanpachi back. “I’m sorry, you forgot to put the rest of the food on the plate. You just gave me the garnishes!”

    I’m down on Tasmania for a long weekend. 12C and raining but I still fired up my pizza oven and cooked a couple of pizzas last night!

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