Akemi is loving this hotel more than I am, although she’s disappointed that, for a dog-friendly hotel, she’s hasn’t seen one dog.  She’s a big fun of the rustic motif.  I find the neighborhood somewhat lacklustre – outside of a nearby Shake Shack.

To this point, this has been a trip told in burgers.  Of the four meals I’ve had so far, three have included burgers.  First up was the Impossible Burger (unavailable in Canada).  As far as non-meat alternates go, this was the best I’ve ever had.  Having said that, I still prefer beef.

The best dessert so far was this nutella and cherry hazelnut crumble at the hotel.  I had this at 2:00 p.m. and then practically slept through dinner four hours later.

Shake Shack!  I had the double cheeseburger and a milkshake that could only be eaten with one of their all too bendy spoons.  Akemi had a plain burger and crinkle fries.  Weird Al Yankovic was enjoying lunch at the next table.

One of my first meetings was at the “House of Lanterns”.  I’m a big fan.  Hoping this project we have in the works ultimately pans out.

Doesn’t look particularly safe to me, but what do I know?

It doesn’t get any more L.A. than Danny Trejo’s donut shop.

Hey, look who’s also in town!  It’s former Dark Matter line producer Robbie David!

The french version of the Big Mac at Petit Trois, served with a bordelaise sauce.

Two pitches tomorrow and a general meeting tomorrow.  We’re eyeing Friday for a visit to the pug shelter.

12 thoughts on “September 24, 2019: My trip so far in pictures!

  1. Wishing you success with your pitches & meetings!
    BTW, your copyright date says 2018.

  2. “The best dessert so far was this nutella and cherry hazelnut crumble at the hotel. I had this at 2:00 p.m. and then practically slept through dinner four hours later.”

    You were probably in a coma.

    “Weird Al Yankovic was enjoying lunch at the next table.”

    The burgers look great, but no picture of Weird Al? You couldn’t sneak one?

    “We’re eyeing Friday for a visit to the pug shelter.”

    I am soooooo excited!!!
    Thanks for the run-down of your trip so far.

    1. Looks like you went to the Sherman Oaks Petit Trois. You should try the one in Los Angeles. More intimate, more personable service, and if you go on a weekend you can even interact with the chef/owner as he prepares your food close by you.

      Plus I highly recommend stopping by the Arclight theater a few blocks away. Especially if your movie choice is showing on the dome screen. Hollywood history there. Well worth the experience even if the movie isn’t great.

  3. Good luck with your pitches tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed for Friday!

    (I’m on tender hooks for both)

    1. @TheOtherOne Disregard my including you in the comment below. I think PonyTails occasional habit of reading stuff incorrectly is startin’ ta rubs off on me.
      When I initially read you were on ‘tender hooks for both’ I thought it meant you too were campaigning for Joe and Akemi to adopt both dogs.

      1. My “occasional habit of reading stuff incorrectly”?? Me? Naw. No way. Not me. Well maybe. Sometimes. Have mercy, I’m old… You young whippersnapper!

  4. Weird Al! I would have totally geeked out! He’s my favourite!

    The Shake Shack burgers don’t look all that great, though. The Big Mac on the other hand . . . whoa!

  5. Now I’m hungry. Those burgers look amazing. I definitely would abandon my veggie diet while there. Is there an In and Out close by? I’ve heard that place is very good. I could use some food porn from that place. 😉

    My son is a big Weird Al fan.

    Break a leg or best wishes. I’m not sure which is appropriate but… you get the picture. 🙂

  6. A trip told in burgers is a trip well done. The three wheeled cars are actually considered motorcycles (!). I want to marry that Big Mec burger. Hope you two are enjoying LaLa Land.

  7. Burgers? I’m shocked! 🙂 Any other food adventures you’re planning? Best of luck with you’re upcoming pitches. And so hoping you find a new member to the family at the pug shelter!

  8. @PonyTail @Pam @TheOtherOne: The reason I suggested Milo as possible ‘alternative’ to Bruno, not both, is its important to consider that they are now living in a much smaller space with no closed in front or back yard and how each dogs personality and behavior will impact the over all mood ‘of everyone’ living in that smaller space and how much individual territory each will ultimately have to claim as their own.
    Lulu already suffers occasional bouts of depression. Akemi would do well to have a new companion that is sweet and affectionate. Someone to keep her company during the day when she is home alone and possibly be sweet to Lulu to help her mood too. Suji is bossy and territorial and probably would get upset if one of her siblings touches ‘her’ toys, food bowl or bed. Also, Whenever Joe is working at a production set there wont be two people at home to lug two strollers out of the apartment, down a hallway and into the elevator. Akemi would be stuck making double trips to take them outdoors two at a time during the day. With 3 dogs it is more easily managed to have two in one stroller and one walking alongside the stroller on a leash so they can all go out to play in the park at the same time.

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