And the polls are now open for the final showdown in the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament.  Window of Opportunity is out to an early lead over Lost City Part 2, but there’s still 14 hours left to cast your ballot.  Things can change.  So head on over to twitter and vote or click on the link below:

Once we’ve crowned our SG-1 champion, we’ll be moving on to The Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament!  So, who you got?

Well, hey, after mentioning the fact I had been keeping in touch with that old Dark Matter gang of mine – with the exception of Anthony Lemke…guess who called last night?  Yep, none other than THE Anthony Lemke.  We spent a good half hour catching up and reminiscing about the show.  Count one more former cast member as IN whenever we get the green light for that wrap-up miniseries.

Oh, also, forgot to mention the magical Jeff Teravainen (Lieutenant Anders) among the Dark Matter vets I’ve been keeping in touch with. More than keep in touch, I actually worked with him for four months on my last show, Utopia Falls.

As promised yesterday, here’s little more from the Dark Matter vault.  These are photos from the season 2 gallery shoot taken by the amazing Norman Wong –

And that about wraps up today’s blog entry unless there’s anything else to add..

Let me think…

Oh yeah, Akemi and I swung by City Hall yesterday and got a marriage license.  We now have 90 days to get married.  If we do not marry within that designated period, my understanding is that we will be arrested for wasting the bureaucracy’s time and face a fine at best, possible jail time at worst.

Wish us luck! 

17 thoughts on “September 10, 2019: The Stargate SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament Championship! Goodies from the Dark Matter vault! Actor Anthony Lemke checks in!

  1. Voted in the final SG-1 Tournament. I got ya covered! Heck yeah, bring on the Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament. This one I know ALL the episodes. Hope I don’t get too irritated and pout if my favorite does not win it’s race. I’m sure they will all be worthy.

    Just think, your wedding picture could include you, Akemi, and your three dogs…

  2. Congrats on almost finally tying the knot! The rings or wedding bands finally arrived?
    Wedding ceremony in Toronto or LA? 🤔

  3. Sorry, Lost City Part 2, but.. you know. Window of Opportunity is just that good.

    The most surprising thing about Anthony’s call is it was only for half an hour! LOL!

    And a big pre-congrats!

  4. I voted for Window of Opportunity. I watched Lost City last night to refresh my memory (no need to rewatch WoO since I watched it a couple of weeks ago, not to mention the signed and annotated script you sent me that I had bound and is now on my bookshelf next to the illustrated Lord Of The Rings that I had signed by Peter Jackson and the book’s artist Alan Lee) and I really enjoyed it, especially the way it set up Stargate Atlantis (even the musical cues! Amazing!) but in the end I felt WoO was just more fun. Lost City was just more of “SG-1 pulls a Hail Mary” which had been done so many times by the end of season 7.

    Definitely keen for an Atlantis competition . . . although I don’t know the episodes as well as SG-1. I doubt my rewatch will have caught up to Atlantis by the time of the competition.

    Congrats on the pre-marriage! I noticed quite a while ago that Akemi was wearing an engagement ring but as you hadn’t mentioned anything about it I wasn’t sure. You’ll be in LA soon. Can’t you drive to Vegas from there?

  5. The puppies as witnesses — they probably wouldn’t allow that, huh. Bridesmaids? Ring bearers? You MUST show us video on this. We all have been following your relationship for so long and secretly hopeful this would happen (okay maybe me, but I can’t speak for everyone). It’s so obvious how much you love each other and are devoted to one another. You must share pictures, too. This is the happiest news I’ve gotten all day (it’s been a REALLY CRAPPY DAY with a lot of crying) but now my crying is of happy tears for you both.

    I’m glad you heard from Anthony. Wouldn’t be fantastic would be a TimEscape of Dark Matter cast (as many who can) meets SGU (even if it is just David Blue still awake and alive on the ship and everyone else sleeping if it’s not possible for them). EPIC it would be.

  6. Voted..👍🏼 Congratulations to you both..😃 I’d just assumed you were either married or were settled as you are. But a change is as good as a rest, as we say here.. 😉 Just joking.. Hope the planning days ahead are full of fun and love..💖

  7. Congratulations on your impending marriage, my very best wishes to you both. Also as good as both of these episodes are it has to be Window of opportunity

  8. Yay! An ‘in advance’ congratulations to you & Akemi! 💐 Nice one 😊👍

  9. Great news, marriage license, congrats! thanks for sharing. keep those details coming. looking forward to more good news. Have a wonderful day!!

  10. Hooray! I’m so glad for you two. No one can say you did this hastily. Best of luck to you all. Do be sure to post pics for those of us who must decline the invitation due to distance.

  11. The Dark Matter S2 pics are fantastic! You know what else is fantastic? You and Akemi getting your marriage license. Congratulations to you both!

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