You’ll often hear people talk about members of a production as family.  And, yes, while it may often sound cliche (and, occasionally, a little suspect depending on the production), I can honestly say it’s a pretty accurate description of the people I worked with on Dark Matter – most of who, uncoincidentally, I worked with on my last show, Utopia Falls.

A couple of months ago, Akemi and I had dinner with actress Ayisha Issa (Solara Shockley) before she left to go work on an out-of-town production.  Last month, we hung with actress Jodelle Ferland FIVE) who was in town to shoot a short.  A couple of weeks ago, I met up with actress Torri Higginson (Commander Truffault, Elizabeth Weir) while in Montreal.  Last week, it was burgers and shakes with Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR, Ryo Ishida).  And then today –

If this acting thing doesn’t pan out, actress Zoie Palmer (Android) could transition seamlessly to a career as a pizza cutter.  She is THAT good.

An antipasto, two pastas, one pizza, and a tiramisu later, and I was ready for nap time.  

Great catching up with Zoie.  And I am heartened by the fact that she firmly believes some day, one day, the gang will reunite to finish our Dark Matter story.

Later this week, it’s dim sum with Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock and pizza with actor Roger Cross (SIX) who is in town shooting his new show, Coroner.  Actor Marc Bendavid (ONE) is also in town shooting something, so it’s only a matter of time before we do lunch, dinner, or one of those fancy coffees with the condensed milk and chocolate.  Hoping to catch up with actresses Melissa O’Neil (TWO), Melanie Liburd (Nyx Harper), and Ellen Wong (Misaki Han) while we’re in L.A.  Also, got to track down the ever-elusive actor Anthony Lemke (THREE) the next time I’m in my hometown of Montreal.

I was feeling nostalgic today, so I dug up the following files from the vault.

A t.v. spot for the Dark Matter premiere courtesy of Canda’s Space Channel –

The Raza bridge –

Concept art from Episode 301 courtesy of artist Henry Fong: 

Our submission for a CSA (Canadian Screen Awards) nomination in the Visual Effects Category.  I believe this was another year we were snubbed –

The season one line-up:

More goodies coming your way in the coming days!

Meanwhile, we’re on to the finals in our Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament!  It’ll be Window of Opportunity vs Lost City Part 2.  Head on over to twitter (@BaronDestructo) tomorrow and vote! 

14 thoughts on “September 9, 2019: Checking in with the Dark Matter gang!

  1. Good stories, good company, good food, good times.
    We also need to have a DM retreat or getaway! Let’s do it! XD

  2. It’s great seeing and hearing from all our old friends from DM! I’m glad they’re all keeping busy – every one of them seems to be doing great.

    Speaking of Zoies, a certain feathered one that lives here had a bit of a disagreement tonight with me about when bedtime for her was supposed to be. It was all worked out, but not without a bit of squawking. On both our parts!

    It almost seems like it is a fait accompli that WoO will ultimately be the winner. I think it’s everyone’s favourite episode!

  3. This is awesome. I’m glad you have all kept in touch. I hope you will bring Dark Matter to its conclusion someday and the crew will be able to all be together for it. I always enjoyed that show.

  4. Knowing that the DARK MATTER cast is doing well is nice to hear. I was thinking DARK MATTER is on NETFLIX’S maybe they can give us DARK MATTER FANS an ending to the show. It would be nice to see If SIX & FIVE reunite. I MISS MY DARK MATTER.

  5. 1st off, that pizza looks super yummy!

    2nd, I was just watching “Kill them all” as I tried to recoup from my wife and my misadventures with installing a new kitchen faucet at midnight. Pro tip, hire someone, get a freaking Plummer! 😉
    I still love the sets in ep 1&2 of S2. Of course your writing was great as usual. The reference to Pulp Fiction, when Bruce picks out larger weapons, is so fun and even more so is Five blasting the crap out of bad guys with the repaired mega rifle.

    3rd and last… I know you’re love of Time Travel stories is at least as great as my own. From a list of potential ideas, I’ve finally chosen one mine, from which to write a short story and possibly a pilot. Perhaps I can share at some point in the future, or is it the past. I get them confused.

  6. About the gang. Some time ago you hinted that Anthony Lemke are working on some big project. Are there anything happening on this?

  7. I’d love to follow you around and eat the leftovers. Thanks for the food porn!

    It’s great you’re seeing “The Family”, too. I’ll look for their future projects.

    Drea: Every pet we are fortunate to have is unique. While most of my furbabies have been social butterflies, Lucy is not. Guests at my house are lucky to get a glimpse, as she finds a hiding spot. I set up a “safe space” for her when we have guests.
    I believe Lucy is having PTSD from her first Halloween with us. Every time she hears a doorbell or knock, she takes off for my closet. My son downloaded a doorbell ring for his phone. I made him stop. 🙄 If she wants to hide, let her. I’ve known dogs that get spooked with loud noises, so I suppose it’s similar for cats. Still, it’s interesting and another characteristic I’ll remember fondly long after she passes.
    I hope you’re well Drea You asked about Lucy. She’s a sweetie.

  8. That’s great you’ve been keeping up with people on the show.

    As far as the pizza, that is a BIG YES from me. Finally something I would eat if we ever have that opportunity.

  9. So good to hear news about our Dark Matter family. Thanks. I needed cheering up 😊

  10. Just finishing Dark Matter on Netflix and I can not believe this show is not on somewhere!! With all the crap out there this is the show that gets the Ax? Thank God Executives don’t make real world decisions cause this shoulda been a no brainer! Can’t wait to see Disney’s Platform come alive cause Netflix has gone down hill! I know to never say never, but damn Netflix these are the decisions that have people like me ready to leave and never come back!

  11. I love hearing about the gang is all fine glad to it
    Sigh i feel like I’m being teased on a BIG return of Dark Matter
    I don’t care if it comes back as a cartoon i love the writing!

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