These were my favorites!

Batman #78 (cover art by Clay Mann)

Catwoman #15 (cover art by Stanley Lau)

Deathstroke: Arkham (cover art by Francesco Mattina)

Doctor Strange #19 (cover art by Jesus Saiz)

Gotham City Monsters #1 (cover art by Philip Tan)

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Prodigal Sun #1 (cover art by Mico Suayan)

Justice League: Odyssey #13 (cover art by Lucio Parrillo)

Moon Knight Annual #1 (cover art by John Tyler Christopher)

Powers of X #4 (cover art by Jorge Molina)

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch #5 (cover art by Veronica Fish)

Silver Surfer: Black #4 (cover art by Alex Garner)


Xena: Warrior Princess #6 (cover art by Rachael Stott)

Zombiellenium, vol 4: Air Girl (cover art by Arthur de Pins)

So, which were YOUR faves?

3 thoughts on “September 11, 2019: Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

  1. Silver Surfer: Black
    Justice League: Odyssey
    Guardians of the Galaxy: The prodigal sun

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