Well, with yesterday’s victory over Heroes Part 2, Lost City Part 2 stakes the second to last semifinal spot in our Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament joining The Fifth Race and Window of Opportunity.  All won handily – but it looks like the battle for the fourth and final spot will come down to the wire.  Only eight hours in and over 1200 votes have already been cast in a match-up between the one that started it all, Children of the Gods, and tourney cinderella The Pegasus Project.  Over the past hour, Pegasus Project has opened up its lead to a far from commanding 4% of the total vote.  But with some 16 hours to go before the polls close, I have a feeling that may change.

Click on the link or head on over to twitter to cast your ballot!

Today, Akemi and I went off-book and took a stroll through Chinatown’s Dragon City Mall while she waited to meet up for a lunch date with her friend Yasuyo.  On the top floor, we discovered a mini arcade with a bunch of claw-retrieval machines packed with Japanese mascot characters I’ve never heard of but every one of which Akemi could name.

After agonizing over it, the temptation proved too great and Akemi bought $5 worth of coins so she could try her luck.  Now I’m not expert, but it would seem the only real skill involved is in being lucky enough to pick a claw that actually works like it’s supposed to.

On her second to last try, Akemi not only succeeded in snagging her prize, but redirecting it over the chute where – it just got stuck.  She spent her last coin in a futile attempt to dislodge it – and went home empty-handed.

According to Akemi, in Japan there are usually attendants who stand by and open the case’s to retrieve prizes for frustrated crying children but, sadly, on this occasion there was none.  So Akemi saved the tears.

Came across a bunch of old behind the scene videos I took during my days back on Stargate.  Like this scene run-thru for SGU’s “Awakening” –

This quick vide of Amanda, Jewel, and David having on location shooting SGA’s “Trio”-

And this video of Andy Mikita and the SG-1 crew shooting in the SGC gate room –

I miss that place!

4 thoughts on “September 2, 2019: Already September? Are you kidding me?!

  1. Ok, that toy getting stuck on the claw?!!??
    THAT WAS JUST BULL … !!!!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  2. There’s a knack to those claw machines. I’ve only met one person that could routinely win a prize. A good friend of mine had the magic touch. Donna died fifteen years ago from a blood clot that went to her heart. Gone but never forgotten.

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