5 thoughts on “September 1, 2019: Suji Sunday – with special guest star Lulu!

  1. Looking into Suji’s eyes I suddenly have the urge to buy a hugemongus bag of bones and ship them to Canada. Wow, where did that come from??

    Go Lulu go!!

  2. Lulu’s doing great! Whoever invented doggie wheels was a genius.

    As always, Suji’s adorable too.

    My son closed on Dr Jo’s house. We can’t work on the inside yet because the estate sale was postponed. It’s sad how much stuff is left. 🙁

    We’ve started cutting back the jungle from the yard in preparation of exterior repair. Thank God for the invention of the chain saw too!

    It is so hot this weekend. 😰🥵

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  3. Lulu is like “Oh man, it’s dad with the camera again”, and Suji is ” Oh wait, let me gaze into the camera” Suji sure loves the lens! I can’t believe Lulu is in a wheelchair now. I remember the first time you brought her home! Time flies.

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