These are our Final Four episodes in The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament –

Claiming the #4 spot with 776 votes is Lost City Part 2

Claiming the #3 spot with 829 votes is The Fifth Race

Claiming the #2 spot with 830 votes is Window of Opportunity

And taking the #1 spot with 897 votes is The Pegasus Project!

Which means our semifinal match-up will be:

Lost City Part 2 vs The Pegasus Projects

The Fifth Race vs Window of Opportunity

But before we get there, how about a Final Four re-watch and discussion?  What’s a good time, date, and format for everyone?

Hey, speaking of Stargate, I’m always amazed by the random show-related files I’ll find on my computer.  Like, for instance, this scene from (I believe) A Hundred Days:

And this scene from SGU’s Blockade:

Finally – dropping a link for this crowdfunding campaign.  Harper’s Tale is a forest-based D&D adventure path, created and co-written by a young cancer survivor, with net proceeds going to Friends of Kids with Cancer.  You can check it out – here.

2 thoughts on “September 3, 2019: The Stargate: SG1 Greatest Episode Tournament Final Four!

  1. I finished watching Season 4 last night. Very keen for a top 4 re-watch! One episode per day with discussion in the blog/Twitter comments?

  2. Hey, pretty much any evening is good for me, or a lot of days too. I’d make time for a re-watch!

    Exactly how big is that hard drive, anyway? You seem to keep finding things like you’re doing a large scale archaeological dig! 🙂 I figure if you keep digging deep enough in there you’re going to find old files from some parallel dimension. 🙂

    Love those clips, though. Especially the little touch of humour at the end of the SGU one. One thing I always loved about Stargate was those funny bits thrown in at the most serious times. Makes them all the funnier.

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