It’s time for another round of “Name that Episode”…

VFX – Animations “Rising I and II”.  Our story continues…

The hive ship pods reveal

Hive ship swarm

Teyla and Ford on the run

Puddle jumper takes flight

Battle ready!

Hey!  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment for MGM in the yesterday’s comments section.  I’ll be forwarding all of your Stargate-related words of support, concern, and requests for a new series when I hit SDCC in a couple of weeks.

5 thoughts on “July 6, 2019: In that Stargate: Atlantis frame of mind!

  1. Thanks Joe. Please let MGM know we are a loyal and diverse fan base. They give us a show abd we will be there.

  2. Based on the video file name, I’d say it’s the fourth season episode, “This Mortal Coil”. 🙂

    I hope MGM hears our voices!

  3. MGM can create more Stargate, the fans are still here, and we will bring in others, even if they are kicking and screaming!

    Also, now I want a Lego Stargate movie soooooo much. Pretty please?

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