6 thoughts on “July 7, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Those are great pictures! Are those taken with your phone?

    Shoulder is better but right arm could be tendinitis. I hear ya! The tendinitis in my knee is better but now my foot is painful. I think it might be Plantar Fasciitis. I’m determined to start running again, so my body better get used to it. I love swimming but I need to diversify.

    My son is still planning on buying Dr Jo’s house. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing a lot of work getting it in shape. It’s been sitting empty for a while and has some water damage from the hvac system and the floors/walls needs to be redone.

    It’s odd the way life is. I remember helping Dr Jo move into that house and now I “possibly” could be moving my son into the same house. Life is can be weird.

    Good luck with the arm!!

  2. I Luv Suji and Lulu from afar 🐾💕 You are a lucky man to have them.

  3. Love the socks and both girls are a treasure as always.
    Hope your fun SDCC ceremony plans are coming along? 🙂
    Haven’t had time to look into streaming services
    but I think you tube options allow recording for later playback while live streaming ??.
    I’m sure family, friends, and fans, unable to attend will want both
    so no one misses out on the fun.

    Hey Joe. Dont forget you promised one of the fans a project-letter match update. https://josephmallozzi.com/2019/07/04/july-4-2019-super-secret-projects-revealed/#comment-268138

  4. If I fed my dog treats that way I’d lose some fingers. I just have to toss it at her and hope I don’t get hit by any flying slobber.

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