The first time I attended SDCC was back in July 2007.  We were in full Stargate mode, celebrating SG-1‘s 10th season, and Atlantis‘s 3rd.

Well, 12 years later, I’ll be making my return…


“and MORE!”  

Stay tuned for further details in the days ahead.

From the Comic-Con press release: “Look back at the five years of adventures the intrepid Atlantis team encountered through the gate. View exclusive clips and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage, and hear surprise panelists tell you their personal anecdotes from the set!”

I’ve been advised of a few of the surprises in store, and I think those in attendance will be in for a treat.

HOWEVER – so the rest of you not attending don’t miss out, I’m going to try to arrange for the panel to be live-streamed.

Before any of you ask: No, there will not be an announcement being made about a new series.  As far as I know (from what Brad Wright told us at the last con he attended), they’re still in the early discussions.

That being said, you know how I feel about the project of a new Stargate series  = click the link: Stargate – The Next Step.

But I’d like to know how YOU feel.

More importantly, I want MGM to know how YOU feel.

For at least three days this July, representatives from MGM will be stuck with me. And what better way to while away the time than to let them know Stargate fans are still out there, eager for more adventures.  YOU are the hardcore fanbase that will help launch a successful revival (notice I didn’t say reboot) and you need to let them know you’re still out there IMPATIENTLY WAITING to support a new series.  One that offers a fresh jumping on point for newcomers to the franchise, but pays respect to what has come before and honors the established fandom!

So, please, hammer the comments section of today’s entry with your thoughts, concerns, words of support, favorite moments and characters, maybe even a question I could try to sneak into the panel proceedings.

Leave MGM a message.  And I’ll deliver it for you!

40 thoughts on “July 5, 2019: It’s time to get this Stargate train back on track!

  1. I would LOVE to see the session live-streamed – if so, let us know when it is so I can make a point to see it!

    I sure wish I could make it down there to SDCC. I’ve wanted to go for years and it never seems to come together.

    To MGM: I have been a Stargate fan for many, many years and still rewatch old episodes from all three shows in the franchise! I would certainly watch any new series which further builds on the SG canon from the original creators. There are many out here like me, still waiting for their favourite sci-fi series to return to the air! Let’s get it done!

  2. ‘In discussions” is better than we have had in a long time. That is great!! Speaking of discussions, would you please ask the folks at Stargate Command what the blazes happened to the Stargate Patch we were supposed to receive as a promo item for renewing our subscriptions last year. I have contacted then directly, and on Facebook, most recently being told to let them know if my patch had not arrived by July 1st, (it did not), which I did and they did not respond. Sorry to even bring this up with you, I just can’t think of any other avenues to pursue at this point. The shirt from the first year was so cool I was really excited to see the patch. Thanks Baron D. Take care.

  3. Thought I’d stop by and see if you’re hiring? Every time I read your blog I get envious. You’d seem like a cool bloke to work with. Unorthodox I know but what the hell.

  4. I crazy love #Stargate. Rewatching #SG-1 and #StargateAtlantis keeps the fires burning. A new series must have a good mix of old and new. Plus I need to know what happened to Aiden.

  5. Long ago, I happily stumbled upon a SG-1 episode on Showtime or another premium cable channel I no longer have. That single episode gobsmacked me to instantly join the Stargate fandom. Know what first impressed me? The concept of interplanetary travel via a star gate, wormhole system. Add in a plausible link to Egyptian gods, ancient aliens, an epic struggle of good vs. evil, and modern human governments hiding all this from us. Wow!
    I made sure I watched more episodes and followed the series to Syfy.

    The actors, set designers, costumers, etc. helped bring the Stargate world to life, but all hinged upon the writers.
    I so admired the creativity and inventiveness of all those writers!

    SG-1 remains my first favorite, with Atlantis a close second. Universe was just so different and darker in tone, it took me a while to come to admire it too.

    MGM, we Stargate fans are out here (gazillions), a little older, but still hugely fond of this outstanding franchise. Newer audiences wait to be gobsmacked too.
    Please revive Stargate and keep the truth of its canon. Keep the mix of awesome scifi and humor and it will sell.

    I treasure my complete DVD collection of Stargate and enjoy watching them today.
    The stories, music, characters, sets, are so well done.


    Joe, have fun at Comic Con & Stargate Atlantis 15th anniversary. Gosh, it’s been that long…

  6. I’ll sit back and read what others post because I think I’ve had more than my say at the all-you-can-beat dead horse buffet. I’m really sad that I’m not going to SDCC for the first time in 6 years and you’re going back for the first time in 5. Argh, destiny is keeping us apart! Speaking of Destiny …

  7. To MGM: I have been a Stargate fan for many years. Hands down my favorite sci-fi stories. I still watch reruns almost daily. Please consider bringing Stargate back, drawing on the wonderful foundation the writers and actors created. I know I am not alone – there are lots of fans who would watch a new series. Heck, all those fans who go to Comic-Con and other conventions are great evidence of the fan support that still exists.

  8. There is really only one way to create a new SG1 series and that is to continue from where the original left off. Anything other than bringing back the original cast and crew will leave the fan base feeling sour. I want to see the same serious themes with a generous helping of humor that the original SG1 series did so well. By the way, I love Star Trek and all the spin offs it has built over the years but that franchise fell a level when I discovered SG1.

  9. Personally I’m ready to give up on a revival of stargate i wish MGM would just tell us that something is happening with a new series instead of stringing us along I renewed my subscription to stargate command even though I do not use it just so it would help grease the wheels for future stargate content and was promised a patch because I was a founding member and they haven’t even kept up with making that happen personally at this point I would be much happier to hear that MGM is selling off the franchise to somebody else clearly they’re not up to the task of keeping Stargate alive. I do want to say this to you Joe I really do appreciate how much you care about the fans and even more than that about how much you care about Stargate itself you are a true fan.

  10. My heart started pounding away – almost jumping out of my chest – at the mere thought of Stargate returning. I’m sooo excited and hopeful. I would especially love to see Atlantis (especially the Wraith – the best villains ever created!) return. There’s so much more to this story, and fans have been waiting patiently for too long!

    I unfortunately can’t attend the Con, but live stream would be fantastic. Go Joe!! Please be our proxy and be certain they know we’re still here waiting for our favorite franchise to return.

  11. Please let me know what you need us to do so that we can have a new Stargate show

  12. As an official MGM Stargate Superfan, I was hoping to meet you a a Con, Sir! However, I attended the Creation Stargate Gateway Con a few weeks ago in Chicago, so I cannot make the SDCCon. 🙁
    Mr Mallozzi, Sir..Thank you. I hope to tell you in person one day how Stargate literally kept me sane thru 30 plus major surgeries. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do so before my time on the Panel is completed. However, if I may..if a new series should arise, might I suggest exploring the Furling.. Hehe.. And if you do so, my Stargate Superfan dream would be to play a Furling Character on the show..oh, I’m 3ft7 and kinda think myself half Furling lol..I actually don’t think they’re the furry ewoks type though..I have a whole theory about their name..but I won’t bore you further! Anyway, just wanted to say Thank you and sorry that I won’t be able to join Jenny and the SGC this Con..but at least you’ll meet a few of my fellow Superfan Panelists! They’re great!! 🙂 I hope it all goes amazingly! ❤️ ❤️
    Mrs. Sommer Roy
    Choo Choo Stargate Train!!

  13. Joe, thanks for such a kind invitation to carry our voice to MGM. I’d like to know why its taken so long to decide on a new TV series. Its been ages since the conventions and tweet storms. I know money drives all these decisions, but endless other shows are financed with less track record then Stargate. When you look at all the TV being produced in Vancouver like Arrow, Flash etc…what is holding them back? Star Trek got its act together…..I wish MGM would.

    I think the thing I would like to see the most is the old gang back from Atlantis and SG-1. No reboot. Really please, no reboot. The other thing I’d like is some cool merchandise, models, toys, games etc. Help keep the franchise alive.

    Most of all, I’d like to ask MGM to have some faith in this amazing series and bring it back. But do it right, get you and Brad Wright back. Let you guys run this show the way you know best. Please tell them we as fans want the same writers and producers as the original shows, the same directors (like Martin Wood)…the real people that make up the heart of Stargate.

    Thanks for the chance to pass on some comments and questions.


  14. We would love to have another Stargate series, hopefully one that answered the questions we all had after the final episode of Atlantis.

  15. Omg, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes revival. SG-1, Atlantis and Universe. My favorite one was Atlantis but SG-1 was the starter one, it was great too. Universe, completly different but still interesting with all the science aspect, I was so sad to hear it got cancelled and that we would never get answers about the signature that could originate before the Big Bang.
    I would love the panel to be live streamed or put on YouTube or something =) Have a great con!

  16. I would like to see the TV universe returned to a new series where the old characters can visit but I would like to see a new series with new characters. What I love about Stargate is it’s mixture of both ancient history and Sci-fi. I love mythology and would like to explore other myths that have not been done in Stargate. I love SG-1 and Atlantis I did like Universe but it was different than the others. I think you should resolve Atlantis and Universe and in the process of that start a new one make it part of story not just dialogue though I think a mini series could do that and please put it on a TV station don’t just stream it Stargate is not Star Trek nor is it Star Wars it has lots of fans but it’s not in their category if you want to just stream it put it on a major streaming service many fans all over the world love Stargate and your streaming service was limited not all fans in all of the countries could get it several European countries could not one of my online friends could not and that’s not fair. You need to put it where the most eyes can see it and that is either TV or major streaming service. Please do not be cheap either. I discovered Stargate in 2006 in syndication and I feel in love with it I love Star Trek and Star Wars equally but Stargate is my favorite Sci-fi Franchise

  17. Nice ! To MGM: I love Stargate and I still think it stinks that Stargate Universe was left unfinished. So give us a PROPER wrap-up of that story. And no, the comics don’t count. Besides being non-canon, they were badly written and badly drawn IMHO. And I’d really like to see Jonas Quinn in return in said wrap-up.

  18. I’ve been waiting eagerly for years for a Stargate revival, and when I heard about Stargate origins I was really really happy! But soon when I found out that it wasn’t a revival but a reboot I immidiately got really sad. Stargate deserves to be continued as a story, as the one sg-1 and Atlantis unfolded, there’s so much more to it and the story was never finished. It feels as if there is an empty hole in my heart because of it. Please mgm do revive it, us fans have been waiting so pstiently for so many years for this, I think it’s time for something to be done and not a reboot this time! a revival!

    A huge Stargate fan

  19. As a massive Stargate fan, it’s very encouraging to have you getting inside MGMs ear.
    This would be a great panel (need that livestream for downunder).

  20. I for one would love to see new Stargate shows. I miss the stories and adventures I used to look forward to every week. I miss the camaraderie and the great story telling. Stargate is a unique franchise that is sorely missed. The characters have become like friends and family over the years and we miss them greatly. Lastly please let us know what happens to the SGU expedition. The cliff hanger is just killing me. I rewatch all Stargate episodes but I can’t bring myself to rewatch the final SGU again.

  21. I for one would love to be at SDCC one day but to be honest that will never happen. Anyway I would kill for a new Stargate show. Also tell MGM we still want to know what happened to the SGU crew.
    BTW is there any chance Origins will be back? Havn’t heard anything in a while.
    we still watch Stargate everyday here in germany because we lucky enough that they keep it on repeat 🙂 (that is awesome because otherwise TV would be so boring)

  22. Where to start? Well Stargate initially peaked my interest with movie. I was hoping for more when it ended but nothing ever became until Stargate SG-1. LOVED IT!!!! The actors portrayed it very well. The storyline was perfect in every way. Then along comes Atlantis! My absolute favorite 5 Seasons. I wanted more. Still want more. Will always want more. Please bring the series back!

  23. If MGM have no interest in bringing us a new series, and not a reboot as you say, they should pass it on to someone who will take it seriously. A little research would show just how popular it still is, a quick check of how often it is being shown on tv around the world on a daily basis for instance. If they have a valid reason for not proceeding I would rather know.

  24. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I read an article some time ago that many of the guest stars on Stargate to do anything to return for another appearance because they had such a welcoming time on the show. This family atmosphere resulted in great televsion and I would love for the family to become extended in the future.

  25. Well, that’s a hopeful bit of news, isn’t it? Wish I were going, but of course tickets sold out the first day they want on sale months ago!

    I have long assumed Stargate was dead, sad to say. I’ll add my voice encouraging MGM to bring it back, keeping the elements that made is special: mix of sci fi and ancient history, humor and drama, set in our present time, mix of military and civilian elements, humans way out of their depth in this and other galaxies, hot actors 🙂 , bromance, and a grand scale of storytelling in sets, music, CGI, etc. Especially when Showtime was producing SG1, every episode was cinematic in scale. I think that’s what got people hooked. So don’t do some cheapo production where people have to pay $9/month to stream on their phones, for crying out loud!

  26. Thank you Malozzi, you are our best allies in this long and hopefull journey for a revival (not reboot) of the best series ever! Thank you so much! We want a new serie!

  27. MGM! I have been patiently waiting for someone to revive the Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis. I am still pissed at the Syfy channel about canceling my favorite shows to put Wrestling on… WTF? I will never forget nor will I trust that network ever again. There are so many reality dramas now that we need these shows for the inspiration.

    We need a complete revival because we were left hanging in limbo because of the cancellations. I watch these series repeatedly on Amazon Prime and wouldn’t mind paying for a subscription service just to see these shows through. It has to be affordable and could be watched at our leisure online also. I know plenty of fans that have ached to see new episodes and the continuation of our beloved Stargate stories.

    Thank you Joseph Mallozzi.

    Jason Harville

  28. I too would love to see a new Stargate as a TV series or a series of TV movies. It’s definitely time to try something new with the franchise. For example, the recent rash of successful reboots/do overs of other franchises eg Will & Grace, Star Trek Discovery, Strike Back, Charmed, Sabrina, Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, Roswell etc, not to mention the spinoffs from Arrow, the new Disney content for Star Wars, Marvel.

    Stargate was known for character driven, season long stories that we’re seeing now on TV and cinema. Please develop a clever story, a thriller with humour, twists and action, and characters that care about each other.

  29. It’s time for all things Stargate to be revived. One of the best franchises out there.

  30. Dear MHM,

    Please bring back the Stargate franchise. I’m a fan of every series and movie you’ve done. I enjoy them on DVD and would love to show my kids the next chapters of the franchise yet to come.

    Robert Palmer

  31. I know a lot of people have shared their Stargate stories here, on Gateworld, on Twitter, etc… Without going into too much detail, I’m another one of those people for whom Stargate has had a profound impact on my life. I watched the movie / started watching the series when I was 12 or 13. Stargate helped influence many of my career and life decisions. Even today as a grown adult / software developer, the higher ideals expressed in Stargate — of smart and strong people mastering their skills for the betterment of humanity — constantly serve to inspire me.

    There is so much potential for a new Stargate series. You (MGM) have the numbers. You know how big the show once was. You know what the DVD sales were. And if the numbers you’re looking at now are just the number of people who bought an All-Access Pass, you’re doing yourself and the fans a disservice. Because there are so many international fans out there who can’t access the All-Access Pass. It’s like asking us to race with our hands tied behind our back.

    Look instead at the Twitter numbers ( Or how about the number 22? Twenty two years since SG-1, and the fandom is still here. Still alive.

    Here’s to another 22. And here’s to 4 — the fourth scripted television drama for the continuity. Hope it’s just beyond the event horizon.

    Joe, thanks as always for your tireless efforts.

  32. Bring back Stargate, please! It was always the best scifi show on television!

  33. I’ve debated as to whether to leave a comment here or not, but then I realized that if I opted for the latter, I can’t expect MGM to think about reviving the franchise if I don’t vocalize my support for the show. So, here I am, and thank you, genuinely, for saying you’ll carry our messages to MGM at SDCC.

    In all honesty, I have never wanted a show revived as much as Stargate. I would love to see new episodes on our screens. SG-1 was, and will always be, my first love of the franchise.

    I admired the characters; from the way they approached situations from different perspectives (the military officers vs a geeky archaeologist vs an alien), to their relationships with each other and those around them, it just instinctively worked.

    I appreciated that they always sought to do the right thing, even if it was the most difficult choice for them to make. I respected their strong code of ethics, the high moral standing they stood for, and expected each other to have, not to mention those around them; to realize that they are accountable for what they do, good or bad. It’s something that transfers into real-life and some of the issues that the show dealt with made us stop and think. It made us realize that it wasn’t just a television show, but there was a serious point trying to be made. It looked at issues that are still, sadly, present today.

    I enjoyed the different story arcs and how science and history and culture were key to the show. It wasn’t just about the military. It wasn’t about getting into a firefight every week or solely about travelling through space. It was educational, it was accurate, but it was pretty darn good entertainment too.

    From a more personal point of view, the character of Samantha Carter is one of reasons I am where I am today. I saw her as one of my role models growing up; she was strong, kind, fought for what she believed in and fought tirelessly, but often gracefully, against what was wrong or against those who doubted her abilities. I watched the character, through the absolute talent of Amanda Tapping, smash her way through so many glass ceilings that it made this (then) young girl realize that she too could be anything she wanted to be and do anything she wanted to if she put her mind to it and believed in it and in herself enough.

    I often think about “what ifs” with regards to the show, and the story arcs that could have been developed. What happened to our favorite characters? How is life in the galaxy and what new bad guys or girls are waiting around the corner? When do Sam and Jack get their happy ever after?

    Over the years, I watched these characters become a family and, in turn, they became like my second family also. For the best part of two decades(!), Stargate has been a huge part my life and there are probably times when I should be embarrassed by just how invested I am in the show, but then I realize that I’m not. Not in the slightest. I’m proud to be a fan and to have been so captivated by a television show – of which none other has ever managed to do – that it has my complete respect and admiration. This feeling fully extends to those individuals behind the show; the cast and crew. You, the ones that worked tirelessly over 14 years (SG1 to Universe), delivering hundreds of episodes, dozens and dozens of gripping story arcs, and just as many memorable characters. But there was never enough time to tell every story, or tie up those loose ends, and I miss it.

    A number of shows have been revived (some more successfully than others) over the past couple of years and I keep wondering why Stargate never seems to be given the same opportunity.

    Setting the potential various licensing (and/or legal) issues aside, I appreciate that a revival requires relevance – if it doesn’t, then the industry execs definitely won’t invest any time or money in the venture. But the relevance is there. It’s been almost 22 years since SG-1 first hit our screens and Atlantis has just celebrated its 15th anniversary… and the support for these shows is still incredibly strong.

    For example, there are times on social media when there are so many of us discussing the show or characters that you would almost think a new episode has just aired. It’s the passion, the enthusiasm, the knowledge that is shared around and more and more fans are taking notice and joining in. This is amazing in itself, but the fact that former cast members, and crew, have also repeatedly voiced their support for a return over the years, is astounding and should be a huge incentive for the studio.

    There is something great just waiting to happen. I can feel it. The potential is there; the support is there and it isn’t going away. We have faith in it, let us hope MGM does as well and gives us something to look forward to in the not-too-distant future!

  34. If I had the capital to bring back Stargate Universe I would bring it back better then it was. I would pay the actors double what they where making along with everyone else. This was a show that expanded the mind of kids to search for what lies ahead of the Human race.

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