May 20, 2019: What The Hell, Twitter?

Twitter has suspended the account of the lovable Japanese mascot, Chiitan:

May 20, 2019: What The Hell, Twitter?

Meanwhile, twitter also suspended the official twitter account of the Houston Rockets:

May 20, 2019: What The Hell, Twitter?

Oh, hey, anyone catch that Game of Thrones finale?  Was it just me or was there an unusual amount of walking in this episode?  I mean, I felt like fully one quarter of the 80 minute runtime was people walking.

Speaking of which – no way Greyworm lets Jon walk after what he did.  No way.

Also, this –

May 20, 2019: What The Hell, Twitter?

Nutella Burger?  Yes/No


7 thoughts on “May 20, 2019: What the hell, twitter?

  1. I’m sure Greyworm will be taking a trip up North at some point to “sort out some unfinished business”.

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the backlash the writers have been getting about the final season of GoT. Personally, I think it was an impossible task to wrap up so much story in six episodes. It was quite a roller-coaster with some slow episodes and some totally bonkers episodes. On the whole I enjoyed it.

    Nutella Burger? My initial thought was “No way!” then the image loaded and it switched to “Hell yes!”

  2. I think no on the Nutella burger, although I would be willing to try it once. Come on, waffles?! Yeeesssss.

    Spoilery: I have GOT questions. I know the pacing and drama would be off, but was there not a son of a king with a prior claim at some point, other than Jon? No one pointed it out, which felt weird to me.

  3. Since I love sweet and savory combinations I’d probably say “yes” to the Nutella burger just to see what it tastes like. I’d order mine with a little less Nutella, though and add fresh jalapeno slices if they had them.

  4. The GoT finale? Yeah, they tied up a lot of loose ends. Was it satisfying? Not especially. I think in general, they set the bar way too high in S1-7. S8 felt kind of rushed. While it was visually spectacular and full of action, the writing left something to be desired.

    Nutella burger? Yes. I. Would.

  5. If John can survive getting shivved I’m sure Dany can survive as well, especially since she floated off with a magic dragon.

    The last three eps drained my love of the show. I agree that Greyworm or the dragon would’ve killed Jon and Tyrion. Dany wouldn’t have been alone with a dude whose family she just threatened to melt, Dany would’ve had spies to inform her about Tryion and Jon’s prison phone calls.

    I don’t get why the querulous rabble of Kings Landing are now saintly martyrs to spur Jon to betray Dany; these are the yokels who cheered when Ned Stark was beheaded, who found the Red Wedding hilarious, who stoned Cersei, nearly killed Arya, cackled when Sansa was abused. But now every major character is fighting over the fate of the Worst Place to Live in Westeros.

    I’ll be cleansing my seared palate with Always Be My Baby.

  6. I stopped watching GOT when they killed Sean Bean. Gauging by fan reaction, that could be a good thing. What do you think about all the backlash?

    A big NO on the nutella burger.


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