May 19, 2019: Suji Sunday!

Look out.  There’s a new sheriff in town.

Looking our Friday best.

Sakura Suji.

May 19, 2019: Suji Sunday!

Wait!  Did I hear the treat bag?!  I’m awake!!!

May 19, 2019: Suji Sunday!

Conked out.

May 19, 2019: Suji Sunday!

Suji and Lulu enjoying their new purchase.  Lulu can’t get enough of that packaging!

5 thoughts on “May 19, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Seeing Sheriff Suji makes me nervous! I did nothing wrong, ossifer! Er, officer!

    I wonder what Lulu’s fascination with the box is?

    Give both of them a big hug for me!

  2. I didn’t have up the doggie door gate and my beagle kept going into my bedroom and napping on my bed. I got out a little bag of M&M’s and was just rattling the bag making noise trying to get her to come out. She was a no show. When I started tearing the bag open she came running…

    Smarty-pants dogs!

    Sheriff Suji and Lawless Lulu. Look at her back there planning mischief!

  3. Sheriff Suji needs a nail trim. 😉

    Did you get some rest this weekend? I caught a short nap. Heaven….

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