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May 21, 2019: That Untitled Awesome Project Provides An Interesting Opportunity, Dark Matter Fans!

Hey, look what I came across online.  This awesome, highly detailed model of the Raza by Dark Matter fan Dennis St Pierre:

Beauty.  It looks to be space-ready.  Just make sure those FTL engines are charged.

Sweet ride, Dennis.

So next week, I’m going to switch gears to concentrate on delivering the pilot script for my (hitherto) Untitled Awesome Project.  As mentioned in previous blog entries, it’s tonally and thematically similar to Dark Matter.  So much so that a crossover could be theoretically possible (provided the pieces fall into place – aka everyone plays ball) somewhere down the line.  It would be nice to check in with the Raza crew for an episode (or potential two-parter).  Have the new gang cross paths with the old gang.  Of course, there’s absolutely no guarantee they’ll play nicely together.

In fact, given their respective personalities – no chance.

26 thoughts on “May 21, 2019: That Untitled Awesome Project Provides An Interesting Opportunity, Dark Matter fans!

  1. Looking forward to a show that isn’t even greenlit, in the hopes that it may eventually contain a crossover with a show that was previously already cancelled..!?
    .. nope, I haven’t done that one before! Bring it on!!!

  2. Hey, Joe, I was wondering who you favor in the upcoming sports contest between…

    Nah, what I was really wondering was, if a spaceship relied on rotating to present a different profile to the direction of motion in order to avoid space debris without altering the trajectory of its center of mass, what would it look like? and my imagination are failing me on this one (unless looking like a Sherman’s necktie is okay for a spaceship, which it’s not).

  3. @Joe:

    Dennis is a master model builder! I need to look him up…maybe he’d like some control boards to get that jump drive working 😉

    And Oooo! A Dark Matter cross-over? Where do I sign to make this happen?

  4. It would be AWESOME Joe !!
    I miss The Raza and it’s crew…, but mostly I miss to see some kind of “conclusion” to the “Dark Matter stories…The Black Ships…etc”

    Keep up the spirit !

  5. I’ve been following your twitter and blog about this unamed futur project and it was looking interesting already but now that there’s a possibility for a crossover… Oh MY GOD, can’t wait, make sure it’s picked up by a canadian broadcaster too so that I can watch it, @spacetv, @showcase, get on board with this ASAP

  6. 67 years ago comix were dark, remind me never to move to Central City. GoT did an abrupt Lost swan dive with a Seinfeld back flip, oh well. We all got worked up over the ends of Sex in City, True Blood, Sopranos and Lost.

    Then S1 Dark Matter ended the final twist knocked me out, it felt truly earned and wonderfully shocking. When the black ships showed up in the series finale I was screaming at my monitor because it was so awesome.

    Good writing will leave fans amped for the future of the franchise. Bad endings like GoT’s feel like pie in the face.

  7. Wow, that Raza is absolutely stunning!
    Nice one Dennis! A real Dark Matter fan!

    Can’t wait to hear even more of your UAP. If I remember all your teases correctly, it sounds like something I’ll definitely get hooked on. Would be so bril’ to have the DM crossover too.

    Please forgive if I ask – you haven’t given up on somehow giving Dark Matter closure whether it be on TV (season 4-5 or miniseries) or in comic form? Just wondering…

  8. That would be awesome. So many questions left unanswered in the dark matter universe. Like what caused dr McKay to become a shifty broker type and why did replicator weir turn out to be good? Lol. But seriously, did we ever even get to the real reason 5 wiped everyone’s memory? I was hoping theyd use the blink to drive to get 1 back. Plus it was just getting good when syfy pulled the plug. Wish you could get it back under sgc and run new episodes.

  9. I’m alternately amused and annoyed by the recent reactions and counter-reactions to the GoT finale. Can’t people just sit back and enjoy it a little? What’s interesting is that for all the people that say they hated it, they don’t/can’t say WHY they hated it. Just because things don’t turn out the way one hopes doesn’t make it “horrible”. Although I think the latter part of this season had some issues, I don’t the way things ended up was out of character for the series or how things developed over time. I remember during SGU how a certain segment of fandom was VERY loud about their disapproval, even to the point of hurling blame at the cast members. Ridiculous.

    I’m very eager to hear more about how UAP is progressing, it seems it’s been another one of those long roads.

    That Raza model is stunning! To be any more realistic, it would have to have a working FTL drive!

    1. Actually, people, including myself, have been very detailed about why we hate it, and while I don’t have the space here, it doesn’t take much searching to find these analyses. Even without going into the massive failures of characterization, there were all kinds of continuity and logistical errors.

      Fortunately, the showrunners admitted they created the endings for the main characters themselves (in fact, if you look at where the characters are in the books and at the book characters who don’t exist in the show, it would be physically impossible for them to end the same way).

    2. Above all, they violated the number one “rule” I took away from reading Stephen King’s “On Writing”. Paraphrased: whenever possible, the characters should drive the plot, not the other way around.

  10. Please for the love of God find someone to pick up Dark Matter! This Awesome series deserves so much more! The very least it deserves an ending, a 2 hour movie would be great! Can’t Netflix or Hulu pick this up for even a 2 hour movie! I beg of you!

  11. UAP and UAP+DM crossover ??!!! Crossing fingers and toes hoping for them to happen!

  12. Goog luck. Eager to seeing any wrap up of that mighty series or anything as close to it as it can be. It won’t be easy but stay strong, unlike dozens of more popular titles, this one carries an unforgettable plot. Loved Stargate too!

  13. “As mentioned in previous blog entries, it’s tonally and thematically similar to Dark Matter. So much so that a crossover could be theoretically possible”

    If Dark Matter had continued I’d hoped that the Raza crew would appear on a warrant card in Killjoys in the background and “Lucy” would speed past the Raza in a scene. Oh, well, never to come, but I really hope for a cross over on your new show!

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