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I usually do Suji Sunday on this blog but today was truly Akemi Saturday.  Given my long production hours on weekdays (I’m usually out of the house by 7 a.m. and back at around 8 p.m.), and the assorted scriptwriting I have to do on the home front, I don’t get as much family time as I’d like.  But this weekend was different.  Having completed the script for the Utopia Falls season finale (outside of rewrites), and delivered my producer’s cut of episodes 3 and 4 (episodes 5-10 pending), I decided to dedicate the day to my gal.  And so, this morning, we woke up early, went to the farmer’s market, took the dogs out for a walk, enjoyed a leisurely lunch at home, and then, finally, after weeks of waiting, we checked out Oomomo, the Japanese dollar store in Mississauga.

Akemi had been absolutely dying to go and I figured “Why not?”.  I can just run dialogue in my head while she shops.


Holy Moly!  The excitement!


I, on the other hand, played it cool.

We were there for…well, I’m not sure how long.  But it felt like hours.


I suppose it’s better than poop flavored vanilla-shaped candy.


My second favorite flavor of candy.


My sole purchase was this pretty awesome robot pen.


Success!  Akemi ended up picking up many crucial supplies including (but not limited to): Mount Fuji-themed ceramic bowls, cartoon sheep floor mats, and cute animal kitchen sponges.


What a haul!


The happy couple.

I asked Akemi which she would have preferred: a spa day or going to Oomomo.  She looked at me like I was crazy: “Oomomo.  Of course!”

Of course.

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A very good day with Akemi!

Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

Akemi deserves to have a special day every day. Looks like she had fun.


It sounds like a fun day, and it’s so cool you got to spend it together.

That salt-flavoured candy, though. I’m not quite sure what to make of that! It would have made a great Weird Food Purchase of the Day segment, though.

Edmond Dantes

Forget gold, forget diamonds…..Quality time with family is the most precious thing there is..


Wait, have you ever said the name of the series before?? Utopia Falls? Or is it old news and I missed it!?

Yay for Akemi’s day and the Japanese dollar store. We have a Daiso and I love it… once in a while. smile

Margaret Clayton

What fun! Spa day or OOmomo? Why not both?!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Wowza! That looked fun! My hubby likes stores with a hubby section (couch).

I have a vegan friend going to Vancouver. I know you’re a dedicated carnivore but do you have any vegan eateries you can recommend?


Wow! That’s some insane work hours! Take care!
Glad you both had a nice weekend day out!


Reading this while Whole New World plays on my Pandora seems apropos, I love all of Akemi’s purchases, and I love that you have the cute poo next to the Meito which means “a little pee” in Spanish. My only purchase this weekend was a mega order of Australian licorice. They taste like strawberry erasers and I can’t get enough of ’em. I skipped the GoT finale and watched Charmed instead, then skipped through my fave True Blood scenes. HBO just doesn’t have great writing, I finally have to admit that a lot of HBO shows have had wtf writing.