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I didn’t even realize today the production office was doing a John Wick: Chapter Three – Parabellum Garden Party High Tea until this morning.  The brainchild of Production Coordinator Naomi Ward (with the assistance of Assistant Production Coordinator Drew Cohoe and various production assistants), the event had it all!


Official garden gate entrance..

…complete with Keanu adornments.

Lunch John Wick-style: sandwiches, quiche, scones, and cookies.


And, of course, the Keanu Cake.

Naomi, Drew, Robbie, Sterling, and yours truly.

Cannot wait for June 21st’s Child’s Play Luncheon!


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Faith-Anne Kyle
Faith-Anne Kyle

Looks like a fun place to work and crew to work with.


I know I do not stand alone, when I confess how much I enjoy the John Wick series.

Because of its style, the world building, its unapologetic uber-violence, the incredible cast and of course, our new prophet in the world of Geeks everywhere, “Neo” himself as super assassin and boogie man, Mr Wick.

Owning both previous films, I admit to watching them several times and very much look forward to watching all 3 as a cohesive & beautiful trilogy. (Which puts a nail in the coffin of another trilogy in Reeve’s past)

Thanks for the post.
Always aim for the head my friend!


I’m envious of your fun workplace!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

The food looks amazing!

Ponytail: You’re the best!


You people go all out with your parties at work. I like that! Joe you could get married and have your reception at work. Don’t dismantle that garden gate yet! 😁💜


I’m one of those people that feels that if the dog dies in the film, then the film sucks. Since the whole point of John Wick’s revenge rampage is because the mob killed his dogs, I have no interest in seeing the third film. Please pet your fur babies and tell them it’s from me. <3

Nicolas Bannister

I missed those lunch pics. Looks like it was pretty great. Love that arch with all the Keanu pics. grin

A pretty awesome friday to remember, for sure. ^^