Being in production really makes you unavailable for pretty much anything else besides production.  But, with freedom fast approaching, I’m putting together a hit list of movies I need to catch up on before they leave the theaters.  I will go watch them in the order in which they are recommended by you…

Please rank them from #1-8.

May 16, 2019: Rank My Movies!  Turtle Custody Battle Spoiler!

20 thoughts on “May 16, 2019: Rank my movies! Turtle custody battle spoiler!

  1. Brightburn
    Captain Marvel
    Dark Phoenix
    Detective Pikachu
    John Wick 3

    Poor McKay </3 So sweet to stick around for Keller too!

  2. I can’t recommend films in the theater because I’ve slowly gotten completely away from going altogether. Call me spoiled, everybody does, but I’ve grown tired of the high ticket prices, the increasing incidence of idiotic behavior during the feature, the fact that I can’t stop it to go pee because I bought the $400 “small” 3 liter Coke, & that I can’t back it up to re-watch/re-hear a scene.

    These days I just wait for them to hit DVD/Bluray or, preferably, streaming. I know there’s an aspect to watching a film with an audience, but if I didn’t rail against it what kind of curmudgeon would I be? Besides, I have a giant TV, surround sound, room-darkening shades, recliners, & best of all a pause button so I can pee freely! Plus my wife charges less for snacks than Janice at the Cineplex. I hate Janice.

  3. #1 John Wick Chapter 3 (my most anticipated movie of the year!)
    #2 Shazam (loved it more than I expected)
    #3 Avengers Endgame (was good, but not great)
    After that I’m not sure, maybe Brightburn (haven’t seen yet, but a little interested).
    Then the others, I’ve only seen Captain Marvel out of the rest and it was okay. Not all that interested in Detective Pikachu, or Us and my expectations for Dark Phoenix are incredibly low after the absolute terribleness of Apocalypse.

    Also, these teases of Stargate Atlantis film are freaking awesome, wish we got it. It still bums me out we didn’t. (Or a 3rd, 4th, and 5th season of Universe).
    Would of been great if would got 12 seasons of SG1, 7 seasons of SGA, and 5 of SGU. Plus some movies…

  4. Of those movies, I’ve only seen Endgame, but I’d automatically give it maybe #8 on that list. It was entertaining while watching it but as soon as I left the theatre I was already thinking of all the ways it didn’t make sense. Rather a disappointment after all the build up.

    Perhaps they could have had shared custody of the turtles?

  5. @Joe:
    Capt. Marvel – A foundational movie.
    Endgame – If you’ve seen the rest of the Marvel features, you’ll need to see this one.
    Shazam – Just Fun

    I won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers…the rest I haven’t seen yet (too much house prep). Speaking of which:

    @Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the well wishes! We actually already have a campground spot in Michigan that we moved our RV to this past January. We were there last weekend looking at land and talking to a builder. We’ve narrowed it down to a particular model and a few different land sites (between 5 and 10 acres), and now we’re just waiting for the house to sell before pulling the trigger.

    @Tom Gardiner:

    Did you just make an I. P. Freely joke? 😀

  6. Can’t rank all 8. Only have seen Marvel and Endgame. I like Endgame more than Marvel, but kind of had to watch Marvel before Endgame.

    I thought Dark Phoenix only being released in June?
    Pikachu … no plan to watch. Used to watching this in Japanese, so watching non-Japanese feels weird to me.

  7. Well, you kinda have to see Captain Marvel and Endgame (in that order), just to finish out the whole Marvel spectacular. However…

    You could wait for them to show up on your tv. 😉

    Knowing you…I’d go for Us. I don’t do horror, but I love Jordan Peele from his Key and Peele days, and both Get Out and Us have received high praise. They are not horror movies for the sake of horror, but more like a horrific commentary on society today. A thinking man’s horror film, as it were, but (so far) without going down the Shyamalan rabbit hole.


  8. 1a. Avengers Endgame
    1b. Captain Marvel
    3. John Wick
    4. XMen Dark Phoenix
    5-8. Don’t plan to see them

  9. Captain Marvel
    John Wick 3
    Dark Phoenix
    Detective Pikachu

    Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing more about Utopia.

  10. Just because it’s not out till later I would say Dark Phoenix has to be last. I haven’t seen all of the others that are out yet (only Captain Marvel and Avengers, I’ve been slacking), but based on what I’ve heard and my own personal bias I would say the following order:

    1) Detective Pikachu
    2) Captain Marvel
    3) Shazam
    4) John Wick (this could flip flop with Shazam depending if you would rather go straight to another comic movie after Captain Marvel or go with some good Keanu action)
    5) Brightburn
    6) Us
    7) Avengers
    8) Dark Phoenix

  11. I go to $5 Tuesday matinees, so I finally am catching up. Lyft costs me double the movie!

    Captain Marvel. Good, plus stuff happens. I have no idea why people hate on it so much. Must see before Endgame.
    Endgame. Bring a tissue if you’re a softie.
    Shazam. Good clean fun. Buy popcorn!
    Detective Pikachu was cute,and actually interesting and fun for someone with marginal familiarity with Pokemon.

    Have not seen the rest. Us looks good, but is not in my local theater of choice.

  12. I usually avoid theaters and wait for the DVD, for the same reasons Tom mentioned. After all the hype of Endgame, we decided to see a double feature last weekend of Captain Marvel and Endgame. Like Das said, you need to see Captain Marvel first. I was stiff after two consecutive movies. The curse of getting older. They need a theater with room for yoga/nap.

    I have a friend that determines movie enjoyment by how many times he looks at his watch. Both Endgame and Captain Marvel were about three to four looks. Not too bad. For comparison, Shark Boy/LavaGirl was ….I lost count. 😉

    I haven’t seen John Wick 3 but I can wait for the DVD. Brightburn and Dark Phoenix look good. My son liked the Pikachau movie.

    JeffW: I’m so happy for you and Barb! I have friends building houses here . They tell me large garages are popular. I bet that’s on your list. 😉

  13. This is a hard list! So I’ll just go with my own goofy gut and rank Detective Pikachu first. I can’t help it, their Blade Runner/Roger Rabbit noir mash up is a delight. Last would be John Wick 3, number 2 was a number 2 in my book. To this list I’d add Fast Color if you can find it in theaters, I hope it will come to streaming soon, I missed seeing it in LA in March.

  14. I have only seen Endgame and Captain Marvel so they are the 2 I can vouch for. Captain Marvel was ok, but endgame was spectacular. I have heard good things about Shazam and John Wich 3 so they will be my next movies to watch. I heard so many bad things about dark phoenix that I think I will stay clear of that one.

  15. I loved Endgame. I need to see it again 🙂

    Be sure to take the resident movie critic. Cookie Monster has fallen behind on his reviews.

  16. By the way. I don’t know if it’s WordPress or what but the new site is painfully slow on mobile (iOS). It takes forever to load and the comments take a while to submit as well. Just an FYI.

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